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Ron Paul on the history and future of “Dollar Hegemony”

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Hearing us speaking of big stupid government ruining our money, our country and eroding our freedom, Ron Paul (R-Texas) decided to pass along our thoughts to congress.

In a recent column I discussed the back door transfer of wealth from made possible by the inflationary monetary policies of the Federal Reserve. In a later piece we saw a more global view of the interdependence of our foreign policy and monetary policy presented by Krassimir Petrov, Ph. D.

Yesterday, in the house of representatives, Ron Paul (R- Texas) gave a speech that ties all of this together. Dr. Paul carefully explains the relationship between war, inflation, living beyond our means, debt, personal responsibility, outsourcing and the inevitability of economic corrections. Though some may disagree on the extent to which these conditions persist or what realistic alternatives exist, the points raised in these articles and in Paul's speech deserve careful consideration.

The End of Dollar Hegemony 



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