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Arizona - Libertarian Barry Hess Announces his Campaign for Governor

Written by Subject: Politics: Libertarian Campaigns

Good Morning. My name is Barry Hess, and today I am declaring myself a candidate for Governor of Arizona.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you for pushing past whatever it is that you had to push past to be here today to witness the beginnings of what promises to be an exciting civil revolution right here in Arizona’s political landscape.

That I have the unflinching support of my sweet dumpling, Gina and my son, Zelig, along with a lot of Arizonans who are dedicated to the principles of individual freedom, is more than enough encouragement to set out on the long road ahead.

Let me be the first to tell you that I don’t know why I’m so motivated to get into this race. I don’t know why it means so much to me to do all that I can to leave the only legacy of any value, that of individual freedom, to the next generation.

I believe it is not the responsibility of government to control individuals, but rather the responsibility of the individual to control government.

What truly separates a Libertarian from all the other ideologies is our belief that people are inherently good and capable of taking care of themselves, while the others display a contempt for those they supposedly serve by telling you that everybody else is out to get you. They always seek to use fear as a means of control.

I couldn’t begin to explain the inner compulsion I suffer to fix the deteriorated, incompetent and wasteful state government we now have. But I do know this—I’m in it to win it, and with the help of Arizonans who believe in the principles of freedom, I believe we can make Arizona a place where freedom, equality and opportunity are put on exhibition for all the world to see.

I’m a proud Libertarian, who echoes the uncompromising principles set out by the first Libertarians who authored our Bill of Rights. I work to reaffirm the timeless Truth of our founding fathers that government that governs least, governs best.

To this end, I will dedicate myself to demonstrating the three Rs of Libertarian politics: Repeal, revoke and rescind.

It’s funny, but a few years ago we had to re-explain what a Libertarian was. That’s because most people had Libertarianism explained to them by a Republican or a Democrat.

Nowadays, it seems everybody knows who and what we are, and the challenge is to define Democrat or Republican philosophy.

I think I can do that:

The Democrat will continue to try to convince you that she knows how to run your life, raise and educate your children, and spend your hard-earned money—better than you can.

The Republicans will be a bit different, they’ll all try to convince you that they know how to run your life, raise and educate your children, and spend your hard-earned money….better than the Democrat.

As a Libertarian, I am bound to state the obvious---no matter how much money you throw at it, no matter how much you wish it to be true—these are things that ONLY you and I as responsible parents and community members can do.

Libertarians know that there are no degrees of freedom, you either are or are not. Do you think you are free?

All too many times we’ve heard the grand plans and schemes that candidates have thought up as to how they will manage a crisis, usually couched in terms of ‘reform’, with a call for more of your money and an expansion of governmental intrusion into the lives of individuals.

My friend Alfredo Gutierrez said it well, “If you just want someone to manage crisis, then you want more of the same old standard politics, and you want Janet.”

I think a little differently. I think in terms of eliminating the problems—not managing crisis.

I believe that if we keep choosing our elected representatives from the same old inbred political genepool, we might just as well change the national anthem to dueling banjos. We need politicians who aren’t cowards in the face of doing the right thing. And we need a governor who doesn’t spend all their time in Washington, D.C. on their knees begging for assistance and forwarding their own selfish desires and political aspirations. I mean to close forever the Arizona office in Washington, D.C. and distance this Republic from its insidious influence.

My administration will be one where doing the right thing is the only alternative—regardless of political reprisal or repercussion. It will be an administration where reaching a defined objective is the goal and flexibility is the key to success.

The decisions I make will be based on the principles of individual freedom and well within the limits of constitutional constraints. I will not stray from my oath of office as so many have before me. I intend to serve the people of Arizona—not rule them with the brute force of government guns.

That being said, I’d like to share some thoughts on the issues that face us, and that have driven average Citizens like myself to the tipping point and forced us to declare, “Enough is enough”!

I believe that the single most self-destructive blow that ever struck this country was the illegal imposition of the personal income tax. Not just because of the actions of a rogue agency that routinely destroys businesses, marriages, families—even leads some people to suicide, over money. Not just because when challenged, no one in government has ever been able to show us the actual law we are supposed to follow. Not just because there could be no legitimate authorization of theft by government, and theft is still theft—even by government. But because for the first time in American history two paychecks were required to run a family and it forced our moms out of their homes and left our now latchkey children to the mercy of Jerry Springer to teach them values and morals. I can no longer stand idly by as the next generation continues to turn into an intellectual and moral wasteland.

The current governor promised that she would fix the broken tax system, but turned it into a thinly disguised attempt to raise your taxes. To borrow a phrase: She had her chance to lead. She didn’t do it, I will.

Sadly, at least one of the Republican candidates said he was for an across the board tax cut. To me, he’s only saying that a little less theft is okay.

Make no mistake; my intentions are to completely stop the theft by eliminating the income tax altogether using every single method and all of my might and mane. I will not rest until Arizona rejoins the eight or nine states that never had one.

I see the future of Arizona in the light of our capitol’s namesake—the Phoenix. And I believe we have the opportunity to see her rise from the ashes of sleazy politics.

By the same reasoning, and on the same principle—I will repudiate the federal income tax on behalf of the people of Arizona, and intercede on the individual’s behalf should the megalomaniacs in Washington D.C. put up a fuss.

America was founded on one basic principle, the absolute respect of an individual’s private property ownership rights. That’s what made us unique unto all the world. I mean to return Arizona to being something special. It should be obvious that you do not own something that can be taxed out from under you. Therefore, I will work to completely eliminate any and all tax on your private property. And I will personally intercede when eminent domain is abused by ordering the Attorney General to bring suit against offending cities and towns in those instances.

The worst place we could find ourselves is with the current government having a vested financial interest in your demise—for this reason, I will work to eliminate the federal death tax.

These three things alone would eliminate more than 90% of the problems now facing our state, and force our legislators to prioritize spending by dropping programs in order to add others.

As an effective means to destroy the black market economy and to fund the legitimate functions of government including first responders, emergency services and police, I will push for a simple retail corporate transaction tax to be limited to no more than 7% without loopholes or exemptions.

At the same time, lowering the state-sanctioned corporate tax rate to a flat 4%, without deductions and removing the regulatory barriers that have prevented so many from competing in the marketplace will turn Arizona into a land of competitive economic opportunity.

I do not believe it was a coincidence that the current governor pushed through a paltry 6% raise for state workers in an election year.

I thought buying votes was illegal, but I will do better than she did. By eliminating the income tax scheme, property taxes and the death tax—the working person will get a real spendable raise approaching 40%, and never have to worry about the tax man again.

The current governor claimed education as the centerpost of her campaign. We were assured that she would dedicate all of her time, talents and abilities toward education—and I believe she has. The problem is that her abilities have taken Arizona from 44th in the nation, all the way to 50th. The only one Arizona beats out, is Washington, D.C.—but that’s run by the federal government, and they spend more per student than anyone else. There can be no argument supporting the notion that throwing more of your money at the problem of functional illiteracy can make it better.

While I am convinced that our current governor is doing the very best that she can. It’s just not good enough. She only knows to do what politicians have been doing to you since the time of the great thief, FDR. I don’t blame her, but her philosophical disability for her failures. To try and teach her to do any different would be like telling a cannibal it isn’t nice to eat people. It’s just not going to work. The only solution is to replace her.

Now don’t get me wrong. I hold no animus toward Janet personally, in fact I’m willing to violate my own philosophy by nominating her for my one and only expansion of the bureaucracy—the office of the EX-Governor.

Unfortunately, this administration’s failures have permanently affected the students themselves these past three years.

Because a lousy formal education is worse than no formal education, I do firmly believe that it is nothing short of child abuse to knowingly put your child in a failed government system.

Politicians have long since forgotten the objective of education: To graduate competent young men and young women who are capable of going out into the world and making their own way…without ever becoming a burden to anyone.

Therefore I support a highly competitive education opportunity for our children, be it government schooling, home schooling, private schooling or self-taught, for every one of Arizona’s children who want to learn so that the American dream can be theirs. The stakes are far too high to continue to use the next generation as socialist guinea pigs. Government schools have become nothing more than an excuse for remedial education.

Arizona needs a real educational system, as mandated by the Arizona Constitution, focusing on the progress of each individual child—NOT on preserving the administrative process of institutional education. I will encourage and enable parents to take a direct role in instilling an eagerness and curiosity for learning in their own children. A realistic and reasonable choice in educating Arizona’s children will make us the envy of the free world.

Arizona still suffers from drought, and my solution is the same as it was almost four years ago—we need more water, not regulated use of this primary resource.

Our forests still remain dry and overgrown because the current administration still waits for Washington to do something. I won’t. I’ll immediately work to avert the impending disaster by offering private Arizona Citizens free firewood and lumber in exchange for the responsible thinning of our forests.

Arizona’s veterans are still being cheated out of what was promised them in exchange for putting their lives on the line—yet no politician will give them anything but lip service. I will offer them hope.

Politicians have always attempted to divide us into groups, pit us against each other and then offer to referee for a fee. I will show absolutely no preference for any other than the smallest of minorities—the individual. And I will remember well that what government gives to one, it must give to all, or else its just an extortion racket.

In this time of rising gang violence where the safety of the individual cannot be guaranteed by, or from government, I will work to restore your absolute right to self defense as enumerated in our Constitutions by supporting two gun laws. They say in pertinent part, “shall not be impaired” and “shall not be infringed”.

Where our personal right to privacy in our papers and belongings has been ignored, I will work to restore it against all comers.

I will work to release the stranglehold of unwarranted regulation and restriction on your medical care, records and choices of treatment, lowering costs and avoiding governmental intrusion and prohibitions.

Our Southern border has been turned over to Vicente Fox; I’ll take it back to protect the people preyed upon by unscrupulous employers, merciless human traffickers and those who would leave them to die in our deserts.

Where Congress has abdicated their responsibility to protect Arizonans from unwelcome intruders who would do us harm—I will resort to the option of self-help, not just sit and wait and make excuses.

To this end, I will enforce the mandate that formed our government—that is to provide safe passage in the public thoroughfare. We will remove any reason or incentive for any group or foreign government to wreck havoc or harm in Arizona.

I believe it is our responsibility to get government out of the way, so that our families can re-unite to depend on each other, not the promises of politicians. Like it or not, the government will not be able to support you in your twilight years—your children, by necessity will become your retirement program.

I will encourage Arizonans to rely on their friends, family, church and social groups for special needs instead of looking to government for a quick fix.

And I believe that the way we treat our elderly and those who cannot defend themselves defines our level of civilization. That’s why all the screaming over when Life begins makes no sense. It’s a hollow argument to defend the irresponsible actions of those who choose to defy morality. The simple fact is, that in the process of procreation there is not a time when Life is not present—and Life must be preserved and protected at all times and at all costs.

Similarly, as a Christian, I am offended by those with whom I share common traditional values, when they seek to use the brute force and smarminess of government to impose their religious beliefs on the holy sacrament of marriage or the individual right to associate with whomever you choose.

I said I don’t know why I’m motivated to seek this office, but maybe I do. I’m just sick and tired of feeling like I should just go and turn myself in—I just don’t know to ‘who’, or for ‘what’. I find it impossible to unlearn the Truth.

As governor, I promise that I will clearly define the quantifiable objective of each new initiative—and I will veto any legislation that does not include the objective, and clear Constitutional authority.

And, as governor, I will work to end the wars that have been waged by this government against its Citizens. The war on poverty has left us with only more poor, by both percentage and count. The war on drugs has proven only to be a drug pricing enhancement act while increasing use and desire for more truly dangerous chemicals. The war on illiteracy has only given us a new generation of children who can not read.

This campaign is about restoring Arizona to its former greatness and it will not be tainted by accepting public funding. The politicians themselves have become the robber barons of modern times—and I refuse to participate. You should question any candidate for this high office who would tell you that they will lessen your burden by taking more of your money. Do you think that someone who would take your money to run their political campaign wouldn’t just as easily steal from you once in office? It’s about character, and integrity.

We, The People, must show that money alone will not buy another election here in Arizona. I am the only candidate who will only accept your voluntary contributions—I hope that fact alone tells you something good about what my campaign is all about. I ask you who agree to take the initiative and tell your friends, make signs, write letters to the editor, call in talk shows and speak out loudly and clearly that we Arizonans will no longer put up with bought and paid for campaigns. We here in Arizona have the opportunity to lead this nation in rejecting candidates who don’t know that real campaign finance reform, as opposed to the bogus legislation of the same name, means ideas, not money are the only value a candidate can bring to the table.

While political records and political issues are fair game, my campaign will not engage in the politics of personal destruction, nor posit blame where it does not belong. I can only hope my competitors can make the same distinction.

We have before us an historic opportunity, you CAN make a real difference. Let this become ‘the greatest generation’ by leaving the next generation the only legacy of any real value—their freedom. So that when your grandchildren ask you what you did when the socialists came to Arizona to rob them of their birthright—you will not have to shy away from them in disgrace.

There are significant challenges in the days ahead. We face a seemingly impossible task against an entrenched politician and her accomplices in the media. Did you notice they weren’t here today to report on ALL the choices you have available? The silence of their absence speaks volumes as to their intentions—and it always has.

You’ll have a choice—either politics as usual, or a return to open and honest government. To borrow the words of a wise man; only one who can see the invisible, can do the impossible. If you can’t see your freedoms restored in your lifetime, will you let me be your eyes?

This campaign is dedicated to giving you the Truth as it happens and in order to point out the media’s bias, we are looking forward to providing you with video to compare to the report you read in the state’s paper of record. I encourage you to visit our website regularly and to ask questions about what they print. You can get the straight scoop, directly from the horse’ mouth, not from the imagination or delusions of a reporter.

Our current governor hasn’t changed a thing—she’s just like the one before her and the ones before that. If you want to see real substantive change that you will feel with a fuller pocketbook, more freedom and an abiding respect for your property ownership rights then I am asking for your vote.

I’m asking that you not waste your vote by thinking you must vote defensively. When you vote defensively, even if the person you vote for wins—you still lose.

Whether we win, lose or draw, I offer you the opportunity to cast a vote without regret or apology. I offer you a choice and a voice in your government. I offer you respect for your absolute and unalienable right to defend yourself, your family and your property, and I offer the criminal element the opportunity to leave Arizona or to change their vocation—will you accept my offer?

In the political world, there are only two kinds of people; those of us who just want to be left alone…and those people who won’t leave us alone.

There are only three ways you can waste your vote; one is to not vote, one is to not vote in good conscience and the last is to vote electronically without a paper trail for verification.

I invite you all to comon’ along on this campaign, and I encourage you to visit our website, regularly to keep yourself informed as it expands and evolves.

Et tu la Hispanica, hola queremos. Liberdad, de Igualidad y opportunidad, para ti y tu familia. Yo prometo !

May you cast your vote in good conscience and may God bless you when we can shout to the world that “America” and “Freedom” are alive and well in the great Republic of Arizona.

Mochas Gracias, Thank you—now let’s get on with it!