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"V" - Sneak Preview Impression - (No spoilers)

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“Remember remember the 5th of November….”

"V" is for Very.... something.

I don't want to give anything away because "V" needs to be experienced without any spin. But I will give you my impression.

My family and friends know me to use movie quotes and movie references a lot in common conversation. Kind'a the same way that a race of aliens would use metaphors in one of the Star Trek – Next Generation episodes, “…and the walls fell” (see what I mean).

Should a government agent threaten your spouse, you might just look them in the eye with a cocked head and raised eyebrows and say the word, “Braveheart?” While they may have no idea what you are talking about, many would. Should you happen across a TV newscast while channel surfing you might say something like, “No thank you, I took the Red Pill a long time ago” and change the channel. After a politician is into the first 90 seconds of an address to anybody that’ll listen you might comment, “Yeah yeah yeah,… He just wants to wear ‘The Ring’. When someone is seduced by their exposure to power and starts their slide into corruption and malice, his friends will whisper among themselves that he has, “Turned to the Dark Side”.

Movies represent ideas that then become part of our culture. “V” is one of those movies. I went to a Special Preview showing tonight with a dozen friends and none of us had the words to describe the emotions generated for at least 15 minutes after the movie. And even now I find it difficult. The movie was so much like a documentary of the current police state here in America that I know it will have an uncomfortable effect on Americans. And I don’t know how that translates into sales.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I think this movie should be watched at least 3 times by every person on the planet in their language. But the result is uncertain. Headlines in the movie’s fake media, is like watching our fake evening news here at home in our time. But while it is very satisfying to finally have someone ‘document’ the bovine feces we are constantly being exposed to, what effect does it have. Many that knew already may have just been saddened that it had to get this obvious to be,… obvious. Those that hadn’t made all of the connections before this movie were likely to be made just as sad having to come to grips with the information. Does Sad Sell?

Movies like “The Patriot”, “Braveheart”, “The Matrix” & “Gladiator” were inspiring movies for American audiences because they highlighted the best of an individual. Traits that we could recognize in ourselves, even in the smallest and most fleeting degree, would allow us to identify with the hero and feel their power. We left the movie more powerful than when we went in.

The movie trilogy “Lord of the Rings” was likely the most amazing movie experience I can remember. Consolidated power is bad bad bad.

I’ve only seen 3 movies that I went and saw the movie again right away. “The Princess Bride” – “The Matrix” - “Serenity”. “The Princess Bride” because I knew my nephews would love it. As my own children got old enough they would wear out the VHS and later buy their own DVD copy. “The Matrix” was a big surprise to me. I was so startled that I had to go see it again just to make sure I saw what I thought I did…. I did I did. “Serenity” is one of my favorites. After watching the entire TV series “Firefly” on DVD that the movie is based on I knew what to expect and was not disappointed. I find "Serenity" very enjoyable and inspiring. “V” is very different for me even though it was made by the same brothers that wrote and directed “The Matrix”.

There is a lot of Free-Market evidence that young movie goers enjoy humor, adventure and even intense fear over other emotions that they are not regularly use to in our current culture.

“V” is an uncomfortable experience and produces different feelings. What should you feel when today’s headlines are used to easily justify the destruction of an entire government? Obligated? Now how marketable is that?

November 5th is the Sunday before the 2006 Mid-Term Elections here in the United States.

Ernest Hancock