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Sheriff Richard Mack for Arizona US Senate - as a Libertarian

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Richard I Mack

PO Box 971

Pima, Az 85543

H-928 792 4340

O-928 428 7150

C-928 792 3888

Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, is a fifth generation Arizonan. He attended school and grew up in Safford. He excelled in sports and in 1969 was selected to the Arizona Republic High School All-State Football Team. After high school he received a scholarship in music, drama, and football to Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher. He graduated from EAC in 1975 and later received a BA degree from BYU in Latin American Studies and Sociology. He started his career in law enforcement in Provo, Utah and served as communications supervisor, an undercover narcotics agent, school resource officer, youth crimes specialist, corporal, detective, and sergeant. In 1988 he moved home to Graham County and ran for sheriff. He was elected twice.

While serving as sheriff he was the first official in the United States to sue the Clinton Administration to stop the unfunded and unconstitutional Brady Bill. Mack ultimately won a landmark decision at the US Supreme Court on the issue of states' rights. He is the only public official in history to have received the top law enforcement award from the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, and the Second Amendment Foundation.

Mack lost his bid for re-election in 1996 and became a consultant and lobbyist. He traveled extensively throughout the country on the lecture circuit promoting civil liberties. He has authored five books and just released his first novel, THE NAKED SPY. Mack has appeared on Good Morning America, the CBS Morning News, MSNBC, Nightline, CROSSFIRE, CNN, Court TV, and most recently, was one of the ten contestants selected to participate on SHOWTIME'S the AMERICAN CANDIDATE.

Mack is the son of G. Wayne and Ruth Mack. He has been married to Dawn Beals for 31 years and they have five children; Joshua, Rich, Luci, Mandy, and Jimmy. Mack makes his home in Pima and works for Johnson Motors in Safford.

Why I am running:

Our country is in a most precarious position. We are under an historic and disastrous debt. Our military is being misused and spread far too thin, security is still enormously inadequate at our borders and freedom has sadly become a meaningless word used by politicians at Fourth of July ceremonies.

I am running to change all this! The problems facing our country have been caused or perpetuated by mainstream political correctness. The two major parties blame each other, and for once, I agree with them! I thoroughly oppose the Patriot Act and anyone who supported it should be unemployed. I will do everything in my power to abolish the income tax and its "Gestapo"

police, the IRS. It has become absolutely apparent that freedom and the IRS cannot co-exist. Our borders must be secured, free social services to criminals must end, and the federal government must get out of local education affairs. The drug war has been another government disaster.

Warehousing potheads and drug addicts is futile and inhumane. I support the decriminalization of marijuana and fully expect the federal government to get out of the way of the states as they take care of this issue. I'm not a party politician. We already have hundreds of those in Congress. If you want another one, vote for one of my opponents. However, if you really want a change, and if you're tired of the same old political bull in DC, then I offer myself as the alternative. This time, there really is a choice.

Richard Mack for US Senate!

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Comment by Hal Hume
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Richard Mack was an outstanding example of what a law enforcement officer should be in a free society! He will make an outstanding United States Senator. One who believes in and fights for the Constitution as our founding fathers intended it to serve our nation.