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Why George Bush Cannot Make Headway Against The Democrats?

by Dr. M. Sidney Wallace

After listening to Socialist Comrade Kennedy on a Sunday morning talk show, I realized why President Bush is receiving such low popularity with the American public. It is not that he is doing anything wrong, quite the contrary, he is doing exactly what he said he would do when we elected him.

President Bush is a very well educated man. The Vice President is well educated, as well as the Secretary of State and all the other cabinet officers. When these individuals went to school, they studied and worked hard to obtain an understanding of reality.

George Bush has a solid understanding of business management and economics.

Senator Kennedy had no clues as to how to balance his checkbook.

George Bush understands in free market economy individuals as you and I make the decisions.

Senator Schumer understands socialism will give him the power to make decisions for others.

George Bush understands "Supply and Demand" is a fundamental law of economics.

John Dean and the Democrats think big government in Washington can overcome the laws of economics.

George Bush understands that the war on Islamic Terrorism will take a lifetime to win.

Senator Kerry is ready to surrender to the first Muslim he sees.

George Bush approaches the real world with cold hard facts. The Democrats see their long-term plans slowly working.

Over the past 30 years socialist have been slowly dumbing down the American population by telling their children that coping with math, science, and factual material is too hard for them. Students are taught to listen to their feelings instead of investing a little sweat into studying. Students are constantly instructed that getting along with others is more important than learning about history, economics, and the sciences. Children are taught that it is better to be an equal member of the team than to excel at anything.

The national media is equally to blame for failing to understand that what is missing is "truth in their stories." However, just like in the early days of the Soviet Union, the truth is of little importance when you are trying to build a socialistic society.

Therefore, we come back to the question, "Why George Bush cannot make headway against the Democrats?" The answer is simple. One man cannot overcome 30 years of public school brain washing by the Socialists.

No matter how much political BS the Democrats generate, nothing will change the laws of economics and the President knows it. I would prefer to pay $4 or $5 a gallon for gasoline than to have a local commissar tell me how much gasoline I can have.

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