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Written by Subject: Declaration of Independence

By David A. McElroy

July 4th is upon us. Oh say, can you see our national sovereignty being threatened as President Bush collaborates with Mexico and Canada to form a North American Union modeled on the socialist European Union? This is only one of many breaches of the contract with America, the Constitution, meant to destroy our independence. You know it. The facts are published.

The Constitution of the United States of America was written as a binding contract, binding government rather than people, to create a federal government based on home rule. Our home. For government officials to simply disregard it as an "archaic" impediment without consulting the people is a callous crime. Our forefathers sacrificed their blood, sweat, and tears, their time, treasure, and sacred honors to purchase our independence and civil liberties. Our governing officers now take it upon themselves to discard that heritage in treasonous pursuits, without consulting these united states who are signatories to that contract. The administration goes so far as to consider those faithful to the Constitution as enemies to be closely watched and vilified. We must act now...while some still remember what principles "OLD GLORY" stood for in 1776.

Let's face it...we now have a King, er, a President, who claims to be above the law and advocates torture just like the King George Americans rebelled against fighting for freedom. He displaces American workers with millions of illegal alien invading our nation, and rewards them with preferential treatment rather than deport them. He defames today's Minutemen as "vigilantes". We, the people, are delared by law to be the enemy in the President's "War Powers" portfolio...under the "Trading With The Enemy Act"! Dissent is increasingly limited to "Free Speech Zones" as in Red China (which people like Bill Clinton & Henry Kissinger laud as a model society). People are going to jail for simply displaying a t-shirt or poster critical of der Fuhrer, and rights to due process or an attorney can be waived under the "Patriot Act".

We have a Supreme Court openly talking of submitting our nation to a World Court and foreign laws, with complete disregard of their oaths to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Our system of "Checks & Balances" is now check-mated, with no checks and no balances in the federal system. The black-robed "Gang of Nine" refuses to support the public posting of God's Ten Commandments, the basis of Western Law so prominently displayed in their own historic courthouse.

Both Houses of Congress have delegated many of their constitutional duties to private interests like the Federal Reserve Bank, who serve their own interests at our expense. Our Social Security funds are stolen in the one part of the Constitution they uphold...the right to pool all public money in one big pork barrel they can spend like drunken sailors. These "public servants" are too busy to represent we, the people. They are so busy they don't even read the bills they vote on, like the "Patriot Act".

Their zeal is in meeting corporate lobbyists bearing gifts along the campaign trail.

Our Bill of Rights has become a list of rights denied, a heritage trampled by brazen bureaucrats and politicians alike. Hard evidence exists for massive vote frauds fostered by the wonders of black-box technology in voting machines. "Big Brother" wants to track us all with microchips and make cash worthless historical notes. Bush claims we are a "nation of law"

while he makes a mockery of our Constitution in the quest for absolute power absolutely corrupt. The government that says "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear" hides everything. When a g-man's lips are moving, you know he's lying. Tryanny is now at home in America. Let's not forget those July 4th fireworks commemorate much more than entertaining bursts of light in the darkness!

We, the people, must pressure our state legislatures to bring suit against the federal government for breach of contract. The list of breaches is far longer than this space allows. Only these united states, as signatories to the U.S. Constitution, can sue the federal government for breach of contract. Even one state would be enough. Time is short.

Speak now or forever hold your peace in fear and loathing!

For Truth, Justice, & Liberty for All!

David A. McElroy

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