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First, you feel the Revolution in your head?

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FreedomsPhoenix will make a strong effort to get you the news from people that know more than the talking heads reading copy put in front of them by powerful interests that have no intention of telling you the truth.

Many of our news links will include part of the propaganda regurgitated by news agencies too lazy or corrupt to get you the truth. Often we don't know what the truth is either. But it won't be for a lack of trying. I hope you will continue to forward to our Senior Editor, Powell Gammill, information that will help him present a more complete picture of what is really happening during these historical days.

You will start to notice new sources of news as we widen our searches to include individuals on the ground in the Middle East. We are restructuring our "Media News References" (near top left of front page) to include more blogs and news sources from the Middle East and around the world so that you can keep yourself informed and make sure that we don't miss an important piece of information that we might not notice as essential to understanding what the future has in store.

Every indication I get from around the world is that most of the educated people of the world know that we Americans are being manipulated. A confused population here in America is at least as useful to the propagandist as a supportive fan club. And confused people don't require the costs associated with club membership.

We are all being hustled into a global conflict without an end and what/who is to stop the most powerful government in history from doing whatever it wants? How did it get this way? What is to be done? Why should we care?

Oh, and you want to know why people in positions of power will lie and steal and war to get what they want? Because they can. Because we are too confused to know what to do and to whom.

FreedomsPhoenix is about helping you understand what is happening. It is also about asking you to help us understand so we can share as much truth as possible with family and friends (old and new). There is no 'central plan' for freedom, but every good plan is built on a foundation of good information.

FreedomsPhoenix has been a labor of love that has continued to evolve. It has evolved into a business that is supported by those that feel information from a libertarian purist perspective is of value.

We are weeks and in some cases days from major upgrades to the FreedomsPhoenix website (Webmaster - Tyger Gilbert) that will launch us onto the Internet with numbers we thought would be years in coming. This will undoubtedly cause some wrinkles as we work through some of the changes. But the effort will be worth it. The popularity of the site has demanded that we do a great deal of equipment upgrading (faster servers, more bandwidth, security certificates etc.). Soon you'll start to see merchandise featuring FreedomsPhoenix art, more onsite Videos and even original video productions of news events and commentary.

Your ability to report the news through FreedomsPhoenix will become much easier; editors will soon be able to be more creative in the appearance of their articles with greater word processing abilities.

Advertisers will have total access to their accounts and be able to track and customize their ads with ease and no delays. Really Simple Syndication RSS (coming in and going out) will be added and the influence of FreedomsPhoenix on the media will continue to increase as we begin to focus on adding more newsrooms to our list of subscribers.

After we are sure of the stability of the site with the upcoming upgrades we will begin a national promotion campaign that will include radio and print in addition to the Internet promotions we libertarians are more than familiar with.

I want to thank all of you that have been so very supportive of this effort. Your input has been very valuable and we are going as fast as we can with our limited resources to create a tool for freedom. You are encouraged to donate money to the effort if that is the most efficient use of your time. But if you have the desire and ability to report, write or promote for FreedomsPhoenix then please consider that as well. We have over a dozen regular contributors of articles and many others that are helpful in making sure we know what is of interest and not reported in the mainstream press.

There truly is a Revolution coming, and it must start between the ears to have any chance of being a peaceful one.

I choose peace for myself, my wife Donna and our 2 girls and 2 boys 16-20 yrs. old. There are many possible futures for my family and my grandchildren to come. We at FreedomsPhoenix are working for a future of liberty. Thank you for all of your help.

Stay Tuned. I always make sure life remains interesting :)

Ernest Hancock

Publisher FreedomsPhoenix

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