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Perfect Time To Attack Israel - by Richard Mack (L) for US Senate Arizona

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Perfect Time To Attack Israel

By Richard Mack

Of course we have all seen the news; Israel is trying its best to defend itself; from let's see; how many of its neighbors? The count could be a little staggering and give credibility to Newt's prediction that this is World War III. The only problem is the United States of America is not ready to support Israel, its number one ally! Israel is under attack from Lebanon, Syria, Iran, and Iraq and Egypt want in on the deal with several others waiting in the wings. The USA is nearly bankrupt fighting for "democracy" in Afganistan and Iraq and Israel's enemies know it. The timing to attack Israel could not be better! With the UK and USA exhausting their military resources in Iraq, there remains little help from Israel's allies to aid them with this "World War III."

The USA has concerns in Somalia, the Sudan, and Chad, and is preoccupied with nuclear build ups in North Korea and Iran. We are spending $9 billion a month in Iraq and we're borrowing most of that from China and Japan! How much longer do we think this can go on? Now maybe the rest of the country will see why invading Iraq was not that good of an idea. Have we actually played into our enemy's hands?

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