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The Orwellian Named “HELP AMERICA VOTE ACT” _ by John Brakey

Written by Subject: Voting - Election Integrity
Thomas Paine; (1737-1809) “The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which all other rights are protected. To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery..”

The Orwellian – Named “HELP AMERICA VOTE ACT” , (HAVA) should be called "HACK AMERICA VOTE ACT" It’s no different than the “Clear Skies Initiative,” the "Healthy Forests Act,” and the “No Child Left Behind Act,” if you check the record, these Acts and Initiatives were contrary to the title put forth. This is pure Orwellian “Double Speak”.

Nationally; $3.97 billion was spent to steal our Voice. We the People must protect The Voice of the Vote!

Ronald Reagan said “Trust but Verify. Unfortunately, we did the Trust part, but nobody VERIFIED. We have neglected the electoral accounting system, and failed to remain vigilant as history teaches us that we must.

Be with us Friday 4th at the Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting.

More strange Facts:

On November 4th 2004 CNN reported that Arizona was one of the worst states for voter turnout, down from the 72% for the 2000 Presidential Election to 63% for 2004. How could this be? Then about Nov 22, media stated that after all provisionals had been counted, (73,658 out of 101,536). Arizona’s overall presidential vote count went from 1,653,430 to 2,012,585 a difference of 359,155 or 18% of the final tally, the media reported Arizona one of the best states with a 77.1% turnout.

Furthermore, Arizona was the 2nd worst state for Jim Crow’s provisionals per capita. Conversely if Pima county Precinct 324 was a standard, than we were #1. But officially California was number #1 at 5.38% followed by Arizona, 5.04 %, DC 4.9%, and Ohio 2.81%. If Arizona was the size of Ohio we would have had 283,646 provisionals. Being more than twice as small as Ohio we had 101,536 provisionals cast.

In Ohio, Secretary of State (SOS) Blackwell’s system disenfranchised at least 357,000 voters through various means. The overwhelming majority of voters registered Democratic then, were prevented from casting ballots or did not have their votes counted in 2004.

In Arizona SOS Jan Brewer, just like Blackwell were co-chairs for re-electing George W. Bush.

On December 5th Jan Brewer and Nathan Sproul were in the White House with resident Bush.

Nathan Sproul (now Len Munsil campaign manger for Governor) was the 6th largest expense the RNC had at $8.3 million, Sproul and Associates were caught destroying democratic voter registration forms, misrepresenting themselves to democratic voters, and skewing voter registrations to the Republican Party in Oregon and Nevada in 2004. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) took up the case and it has never been heard from again. Not unlike the DOJs taking of the LD 20 ballots preventing a hand audit.

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