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So You Say You Want A Revolution? - By Brad Spangler

Written by Subject: Philosophy: Libertarianism
New Libertarian Manifesto

Welcome to MLL Online

After being on the backburner for a while, MLL Online is now public. The aim of this site is to serve as a focal point for Movement of the Libertarian Left organizing, activism and collaboration. Together with a handful of comrades who form the new MLL Online publications cell with me, I'm hoping to spark the growth of new MLL cells, put a heightened focus on radical libertarian activism and generally get the agorist message out there.

So, if we're not a political party and are explicitly anti-political, you might ask yourself what do MLL members do? It's a reasonable question, particularly if, like most activists, your conception of struggle on behalf of your beliefs revolves around voting and elections.

Agorists have a pretty clear societal goal -- the birth of a truly libertarian society and abolition of coercive government. We're revolutionary market anarchists. More understanding can be gained by reviewing the materials available from the homepage, particularly Samuel Edward Konkin III's New Libertarian Manifesto.

At this point, we are currently (and for the foreseeable near future in my own estimation) still in the early stages of Phase One of Konkin's Four Phase Revolutionary Strategy. Thus, there are basically three avenues of revolutionary action available to the left libertarian activist:

1) Counter-economics

2) Propaganda and Organizing

3) Protest and Direct Action

If you don't understand all of this agorism stuff yet, just go to and read. If you're down with SEK3, though, let's take things up a notch. There's a lot to do. Sign up for a user account on this web site to get started.

One of the first things we're going to need is more and better propaganda. Wally Conger had this to say about a content strategy:

1. To distinguish itself from (source for political and economic philosophy and history, plus a gateway to the MLL site), I think it should be strictly limited to direct action strategy and tactics, organizing, and tools to help pursue and achieve those goals.

2. For that reason, I would relocate the reissued SEK3 pamphlets from to the MLL site.

3. I would offer free, downloadable PDFs of MLL-unique pamphlets, flyers, broadsheets, stickers, and posters -- all updated as new issues arise.

4. I would offer free, downloadable how-to ebooks or ebooklets on direct action methods, neighborhood organizing, strikes, launching MLL cells, etc.

5. I wouldn't be opposed to offering merchandise for sale (via Cafe Press?) with the MLL logo and/or agorist/SEK3 slogans ("Agora! Anarchy! Action!" "Wake up and smell the tear gas!") -- coffee mugs, t-shirts, book bags, hats, etc. I've been using a Mises Institute book bag (no longer available from Mises, unfortunately) for years whenever I visit Starbucks, etc. It has prompted plenty of questions and resulted in a number of valuable conversations. Good recruiting tools.

6. There should be a directory of MLL cells and contact info.

7. Any "forum" on the MLL site should be strictly limited to talk of strategy and tactics. There are plenty of other places (our blogs, for instance) for discussion of philosophy and the day's issues.

8. We might offer a list of links to explicitly agorist blogs (ours and others) under the guise of "Continuing Education." These should be AGORIST links. I'm as fond of mutualism and georgism as the next radical, but in THIS case, I think the MLL site should be 100% agorist pure.

9. A "News" section should be front-and-center. This is where we'd put items like your Open Letter to French Workers, etc. Plus press releases.

I'll have more to say about the propaganda struggle in my next post on this blog -- a continuation of a thread from a while back on the Left Libertarian Yahoo! group titled "The Market for Subversion".

By Brad Spangler at 2006-08-04 00:27

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