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Dear President Ahmadinejad: A Message from Fmr. Sheriff Richard Mack

Written by Subject: WAR: About that War
Dear President Ahmadinejad:

I understand that you have challenged President Bush to a debate. From what I have heard, he is ignoring your request. Personally, I feel the President should be willing to discuss issues of mutual concern with you. However, in view of his unwillingness to "step up to the plate," I am offering myself as his replacement. I am just an ordinary citizen and currently running for the U S Senate in Arizona. I am very familiar with the issues regarding nuclear weapon proliferation and others that may be of concern to our two countries.

Besides, I am a much better debater than President Bush and why go with him when you can have me? (He sort of works for me.)

I would be willing to meet you any place you like and as soon as you would like. I believe such a debate would help foster peace between our countries.


Richard Mack

Libertarian Candidate for US Senate - Arizona

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