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Maricopa County Libertarians oppose Scottsdale's Proposition 401

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Maricopa County Libertarians oppose Scottsdale's Proposition 401

Scottsdale[, Arizona] voters were urged to oppose Proposition 401 by Warren Severin, chairman of the Maricopa County Libertarian Party. Scottsdale voters will decide the measure on September 12th.

"The Maricopa County Libertarian Party supports the right of consenting adults to engage in peaceful activities, including attending or working in adult-oriented entertainment." Severin said. "It is obvious that this proposition is one part of a broader agenda by some politicians and religious groups to use government to force their personal beliefs on other people.

"Libertarians hold that using the force of government to impose the personal beliefs of a majority onto a minority is misuse of government power. Government exists, in part, to protect the rights of a minority from the malicious whims of a majority. This ballot measure clearly demonstrates the Scottsdale City Council's lack of regard for basic principles of government. By backing these laws, the Council and Mayor of Scottsdale are setting a dangerous precedent for the erosion of Scottsdale resident's freedoms in the future."

The Maricopa County Libertarian Party has had a long-time commitment to keeping government out of people's wallets and bedrooms. According to Severin, this ballot measure violates both of those general standards.

For further information contact:

Warren Severin, chairman

Maricopa County Libertarian Party


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