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Karl Rove's "good friend" 'Jeff Gannon'

Written by Subject: Bush Administration
(This background/rumor/spiked story is just the tip of a long train of events involving the most powerful people in the world. This story is about to rise again in public awareness)

White House press credentials (Wikipedia)

"Guckert first attended a White House press conference on February 28, 2003, and there asked a question of then White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer. At this time Guckert had never had an article published, was not associated with any kind of news organization (Talon News had not been created yet), and ads for his services as a homosexual escort were still present on several Web sites."


"Growingly pointed comments inside the Beltway social clubs, homes and watering places about Karl Rove’s “good friend” ‘Jeff Gannon’ are being very thoroughly ignored by the mainline press. An absolute non-issue with the American print and TV media is the control by very powerful gays of the top policy levels of the White House."

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