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"Truth Police" (30,000 newspapers to Arizona College students)

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Truth Police

by Megan Dobransky

September 28, 2006

Ernest Hancock has made quite a name for himself in Arizona political circles for the past decade as the “crazy” Libertarian that took on Jan Brewer and runs in nearly every election just to tell people not to vote.

But now Hancock is starting to gain recognition as the founder of, a daily collection of off-the-radar news.

“FreedomsPhoenix totally bypasses media, but we use media,” he said. He, senior editor Powell Gammill and web designer Tyger Gilbert, along with several other contributors, scour websites and news banks to bring to light news stories that aren’t covered by the nightly news or published in large newspapers such as The Arizona Republic.

“I have faith in the idea that people want truth and freedom,” he said. So far, he seems to be right. Since the website began almost a year ago, it receives about 2,500 unique hits a day, and the accompanying newsletter is sent to 2,400 people daily.

“An entire future is being kept from the youth today and an entire generation knows nothing about it,” Hancock said, referencing a privately-funded space station, political support of a new military draft and breakthroughs in solar technology that will “drastically change their lives.”

Hancock believes that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that mainstream media either ignores or intentionally keeps hidden.

“Mainstream media is damaging our minds with lies and distortions that are intended to confuse and distract us from the truth, that there are many things wrong with this country,” he said.

Hancock feels that the only way to take control of your life is to be well informed, which will inevitably cause you to begin changing things, sparking a revolution. And revolution is his goal.

“It’s in my personal best interest to keep you informed,” Hancock said. Not only does Hancock want society to understand what’s actually going on for the simple reason that it makes for a better society, information, he said, empowers people and empowered people will alter society for the better.

Hancock said that the internet has transfigured the way that information is disseminated. “The internet is the ‘Truth Button’ that anyone can push,” he said. In the case of FreedomsPhoenix, he and his partners do all the work for you, collecting bits of truth that normally get overlooked and ultimately allowing you to become catalyst for change.

“Please start asking questions and demanding answers,” he said. “And FreedomsPhoenix is a great place to start.”

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The internet is the last bastion of truthful news.

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