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Libertarian Candidate endorsed by Republican gubernatorial candidate

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Phoenix Arizona Oct 9th, 2006

Hess (L) Receives Harris’ (R) Endorsement

This afternoon, Monday, October 9, 2006, Barry Hess, Libertarian candidate for Governor, gladly and proudly accepted the endorsement of Mike Harris, former Republican candidate for Governor.

Mr. Harris, whose concern has always been and will be for the future of Arizona, says "There is only one candidate left in the Governor’s race that can provide true and effective leadership from the Governor’s office, and that it is not Janet Napolitano nor Len Munsil; it is Barry Hess."

It is with great pride and honor that Mr. Hess accepts the endorsement of Mr. Harris. Mr. Hess looks forward to working with Mr. Harris and other Republicans, in addressing and solving the issues facing Arizona.

This endorsement is an example of Mr. Hess’ ability to work with people from across the political spectrum and that he is willing to accept any idea or solution that benefits Arizona regardless of the political affiliation of its author.

As Governor, Mr. Hess will work with members of all parties to advance the prosperity of all Arizonans and to advance the principles of limited government, economic freedom, and personal responsibility.

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