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Argh ! Iowa Voters Have a Choice - Say's a Drunken Pirate

Written by Subject: Politics: Independent and Other Campaigns
Website: James Hill for Congress

Welcome Aboard!

I would like to thank you, good citizen for taking time to visit the pirate Campaign site. This entire lay out was designed by my Samoan Body guard A.J. Sorenson at my own expense. As the only Pirate and truly independent candidate I issue a challenge to you my friend. Can you cast aside Party politics to salvage our democracy? The democrats and Republicans would be hard pressed to remove the corruptive cash influence from the house. They have both fattened at the trough while ignoring the middle class and working poor in this country.

I take no bounty from any Person, Party, Organization or Corporation.(How can any other candidate press the value of renewable fuels when both parties receive money from Oil Companies?) The apathy and lazy attitude of voters has left our Congress crippled by Shysters.

Do not expect me to get on the band wagon of heart wrenching divisive social subjects. This is how the standard Politicians have kept us distracted while they sold their votes to the highest bidders. I have opinions on everything and many good ideas to be shared thru the campaign. My goal remains to remove the money from politics, by giving you a candidate who takes no money.

James F. Hill

Pirate for Congress

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