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KAET Channel 8 Polls

Written by Subject: Voting and Elections

Whatever you're hearing from your sources is not correct. You can call Dr. Merrill if you'd like more information.

I've attached a copy of the poll, which as you will see has Mack and Hess in the questions.

Ernest writes:

For the US Senate and the Sec of State race the candidates have been known since June 19th, but Secretary of State was included only in #3, was the highest Libertarian % and then nothing,… typical. Barry wasn’t included in the first 2 but every combination of Len and Don with the Governor was promoted. The idea that Barry’s participation guaranteed the Republican’s loss wasn’t ever included. For 2 years Barry has been traveling the state and telling Republicans and reporters that it didn’t matter who they put up, his inclusion guaranteed a Republican loss,… unless they came out as _very_ libertarian. Len sealed his fate by being the only candidate for office that I know of to claim that he definitely was _not_ a libertarian (da da da dumb)

You are right that the ASU poll shows our names so I will write a full report tomorrow on the polls and which one did/didn’t do what. (heck, I’ll just post this reply with names stripped).

If you can provide me a number to call that would shed a clear light on how the people asked the questions are selected I would be able to give a complete picture. “This % of R’s and this % of D’s” etc. are not as interesting to me as to how those were selected.

Other polling data is available for a fee from other polling companies, and Zogby’s is as low as $150. But all of us Libertarians can’t muster up the “give a crap” to go in on the fee. Before Barry Hess announced for office 9 months ago he was at 6% and the media has done their best to promote the idea that he has gone down after kicking the asses of his opponents in every appearance. Since I am _not_ representing “likely voters” my interest in the polls are nil. The higher the ‘didn’t vote’’ percentage the bigger my claim to victory (how am I doing :)

Many of the progressive activists want our participation in helping with exit polling. We might just do that for grins and giggles.

My prediction is that ES&S will provide the state with a major purge of libertarians from the ballot (below continuing ballot status levels) and that Barry will get between 4.5 and 4.99999% so that automatic ballot status is not maintained with the target 5%.

If peaceful Revolution is not allowed then it will get creative. Already a small fraction of voters represent Arizona's population. The state’s population has already abandoned the voting process. Those left participating use the process (fairly or not) to drain the productive residents in Arizona of their property and liberty, history is full of examples of what happens then.

I’ve been very clear that I’m trying to keep this revolution peaceful, but there will be a revolution,… even though it won’t be covered by the “sooooo last century media”.


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