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"Election Night" means that it is time for the Libertarian Party "Partaaay"

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"Election Night" means that it is time for the Libertarian Party "Partaaay".

Some of us will be there as early as 6pm getting ready. If you can get there before 7pm you will have the advantage of Happy Hour goodies.

Any and everyone wanting to share in the fun and learn about long term future plans (in 3 minutes or less, we are here to party) are welcome.

The George and Dragon Tavern on North Central is a great place for a party. They allow us to decorate the way we want; they have lots of TVs for coverage and great food and drink. Our last election night party was a big hit there.

We'll have the place ready to greet visitors by 7pm but you can come earlier if you want to help or can't wait until later to eat.

Happy Hour Prices are from 4pm - 7pm and includes appetizers. George and Dragon specializes in Home Made British Fare, imported draft beers and ales and over 35 single malt Scotches.

Bring a friend and join in on the celebration of thousands more minds being freed.

George and Dragon
4240 N Central
Phoenix , AZ 85012

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