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DHS agents conducting suspicionless roadblocks in Southern Arizona

Written by Subject: Police State
In a repeat of last year's papers please checkpoint in Southern Arizona, federal agents from the Department of Homeland Security are once again terrorizing American travelers at a suspicionless roadblock along SR86 near milepost 145. This state highway is located over forty miles North of the international border and never intersects the border at any point along its run.

Why these federal agents are harassing American travelers in the interior of the country absent individualized suspicion of wrongdoing instead of patrolling the border where illegal border crossings are actually taking place is unknown. What is known is that this roadblock began operation on the weekend of November 10, 2006 and will continue indefinitely. Homeland Security agents have staged a thirty foot surveillance tower at the roadblock along with portable lights and generators, toilets, an RV, and several Homeland Security vehicles. Five agents were seen manning the roadblock this past weekend and if last year's operation is any indicator, the stated purpose of this operation will be to interdict illegal narcotics and other contraband along with identifying illegal border crosser's - all without reasonable suspicion or probable cause.

While some readers may consider this abuse of federal resources and authority a reasonable way to secure 'the homeland', more knowledgeable readers will understand this end-run around the fourth amendment's prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures is actually less efficient than patrolling the border. Such readers may also be aware that this federal agency releases more illegal border crosser's into local communities every year than are apprehended at all internal roadblock operations across the country.

Of the 100,000+ such individuals released by Homeland Security into local communities each year while awaiting final deportation orders, over 60% abscond into the interior of the country. In turn, ten's of thousands of these individuals have felony records and/or originate from countries on the State Department's terrorist watch list. As such, those of you who think this is about securing the border and protecting the public from illegal aliens and potential terrorists may want to consider why known felons are left to wander the countryside unmolested while Americans are harassed at internal suspicionless checkpoints.

I will continue to document this latest assault on our individual rights for as long as this suspicionless roadblock is in operation or until I'm no longer able to do so. To keep abreast of this situation as it develops, please reference this link.

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