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FreedomsPhoenix' Ricardo Valenzuela on the Charles Goyette Show Friday Morning at 6:00am MST

Written by Subject: Mexico
From: Ricardo Valenzuela

To: My friends in the USA

November 30, 2006

We all know the grave political situation that Mexico is facing when our president elect, Felipe Calderon, is about to take over tomorrow and the left wing opposition party, PRD, has violently invaded the Congress to avoid this act which is a constitutional mandate. A lot of people think that this can be the ignition of a real confrontation and dangers consequences.

I was invited by the popular radio personality, Charles Goyette, to be part of his radio show and talk about this explosive situation which can even affect the USA and especially the state of Arizona. If you are interested to know the views of a Mexican libertarian like me, I invite you to listen to the show at the web I am attaching. The bad news is that my participation at the show is going to be from 6 to 6.30 AM Arizona time tomorrow December 1.


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Comment by Stephen Lendman
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your so-called president-elect is nothing of the kind and I**Q**ve written several times about the corrupted process of rife electoral fraud gave him the office Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador won by a wide margin as we both know. We know how it works as our last 2 presidential elections were manipulated the same way. Mr. Calderon is in for a rough tenure, what he deserves, and the courageous people of Oaxaca will rub a considerable amount of salt into his aristocratic anti-populist hide.

My email address is Be courageous enough to defend your man, if you can, not easy to do I know.

Steve Lendman

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