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Ex-Republican Congressman Bob Barr of Georgia joins the Libertarian Party Leadership (Audio)

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Bob Barr on the Charles Goyette Show December 19th 2006.

Charles Goyette:

Shortly after the conversation on my radio show this morning with former Republican Congressman Bob Barr, now re-registered as a Libertarian, FREEDOM’S PHOENIX publisher Ernest Hancock said every libertarian on the planet was going to want to hear the show.

“Have at it,” I said. And he did.

The one-time federal prosecutor talks about Republican failures, the growth of the surveillance state, and (briefly) about having been a drug warrior.

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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From Richard Winger of Ballot Access News

Dear Ernie, your forwarding the link to the phone interview with Bob Barr was superb of you. I really enjoyed hearing it.

Just as an aside that the radio host guy didn't know, Georgia does not have registration by party. It is impossible for Bob Barr to be a registered Libertarian. No one who lives in Georgia is a registered Republican or a registered Democrat either.