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Behind the Headlines - Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party Leadership and libertarians

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As a radio talk show producer I have talked to Congressman Bob Barr and researched his positions on several occasions while scheduling him for interviews. I know little other than he seems to be a pleasant man with firm stances on issues important to him and willing to compromise in an effort to forward legislation important to him and his supporters. When his interests have overlapped in support of freedom he would be called on to help promote freedom in that area. Phoenix talk show personality Charles Goyette would often ask that Bob Barr be scheduled to promote liberty and/or vent his criticism of the Republicans then in control of the Federal government.

The story of how Bob Barr would become a Libertarian Party member and immediately a National Officer is of interest to some and I’ve accumulated the stories that best describe what happened and why.

I do need to point out that I believe Mr. Barr to have been up front and honest about his positions and opinions and that his belief that the Libertarian Party is the best vehicle to achieve more freedom is justified. Everyone should be welcome to join in the fight for liberty, but to burden Mr. Barr with a title of Regional Representative before the ink is dry on his membership card is unfair to him. I can think of many honorary titles that would have served all interests far more effectively rather than taking on the responsibilities of a position that require him to interact on a regular basis with libertarians of many passions expecting to be represented. And I guarantee that his many years in the US Congress have not prepared him for libertarian activist’s demands of their representative.

The actions of Libertarian officers are another issue entirely, and are certain to be a part of many discussions in the future. But for now I suggest that we learn a little about what happened so we can help Mr. Barr understand how he might best be of service in his new position of responsibility. I intend on extending some tolerance and patience towards Mr. Barr and hope that he will take time to understand the special dynamics that make up the libertarian community. This will take some time and exposure to some opinions he may not be aware of.

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