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Best Political Sign of 2006 - Arizona Newspaper Poll

Written by Subject: Politics: Libertarian Campaigns
Arizona Capitol Times

Best Political Sign of 2006

Ernest Hancock, Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State in 2006 and outspoken opponent of unchecked electronic voting, knew his campaign signs would stir up some controversy, or at least get people talking. And that’s exactly what he wanted.

Readers of the Capitol Times took notice of the signs, which displayed white letters reading “Still Voting?” against a black background, in voting it the best. The V in the word voting was colored red with a circle around it, referencing the movie “Vendetta”, he says, where a totalitarian regime rules a futuristic Britain.

“My signs were controversial because they were the only ones that told any truth,” he contends. “They spoke a truth that others didn’t want to acknowledge. People believe in supporting the truth.”

All 150 copies of his sign were targeted toward people under 40 and “those who are paying attention” to the political processes around them, he says. He is very untrusting of the election results produced by electronic voting machines.

“My entire campaign was about how the whole voting process is rigged,” Mr. Hancock says.

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