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Larken Rose is out of Prison

Written by Subject: Police State
Larken Rose

There are a million things I'd like to say, but I'll try to keep it (relatively) brief this time. First, I was just "released" last Friday, having served my prison term for the crime I didn't commit.

Second, I apologize for my year of almost-complete silence. Not being able to speak my mind--in this "land of the free"--for fear of retaliation by the government has been extremely frustrating, and I can only imagine all the theorizing out there about what it meant. No, it didn't mean I decided I was wrong, nor did it mean that I stopped caring about the truth; it meant I didn't want the government inflicting any more suffering on my family (for the "crimes" my wife and I didn't commit) than they already have.

In just over a week, Tessa will be heading to Danbury, Connecticut to serve her 30 days at the federal prison camp there (for the crime she didn't commit), after which she'll be on home detention for five months. For those who remembered to send her support--whether moral, financial, or otherwise--even while I was unable to pitifully beg for it, I can't thank you enough. I'll give this list her mailing address on the inside, once I have it.

Finally, in unrelated news, I wanted to let you know that my first book is now publicly available. This one is not about tax law. It's called "How To Be a Successful Tyrant (The Megalomanic Manifesto)" and it's just what it sounds like. Well, sort of. You can learn more about it on the web site.

Read Chapter 1 here

I'll be busy putting my family's life back together for a while, paying off various huge fines and penalties, and doing other equally fun stuff, but you'll be hearing from me regularly again now. Stay tuned.


Larken Rose

(P.S. My appeal was filed months ago, and the government has now responded. Soon we'll see what becomes of that.)