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Stop the Bush Library

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As the Bush Administration prepares to surge over the cliff into a chasm deeper than any past president has contemplated the Bush atrocities here at home are beginning to evoke reaction. The presence of a Bush Library and Policy Center at Southern Methodist University has resulted in a movement in protest that has generated an online petition approaching 10,000 signatures in two weeks. The parallel petition in support sports less than 100, many anonymous and with similar wording.

Methodists are angry and talking about the outrage of having anything associated with the Bush presidency located on or near the campus. Dr. Andrew Weaver, a Methodist minister and psychologist who graduated from SMU wrote the wording for the petition and is among the group of clergy who are demanding that the Library go elsewhere. It has been suggested, not by the clergy but by the host of the Spiritual Politician, that the appropriate location be near the Federal Facility that should be the Bush residence after the impeachment.

Sign the online petition to support keeping the Bush Library off the SMU campus at

Hear Dr. Weaver talk about why the moral content of the Bush Presidency should offend all Americans on the Spiritual Politician this Friday at 4pm on Dr. Weaver is a specialist in Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome and all Americans need his insight and services in these trying times.