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Written by David McElroy Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
America the beautiful. Land of the free and home of the brave. Where a great Republic was birthed with a government of the people, for the people, by the people. The "Great Experiment" many have called it. As Benjamin Franklin was heard to have said that momentous day, "You have a republic, if you can keep it!" Let me help you recall the course of history in our Alienation.

Recent legislation in the United States Senate underscores how the federal government has continued the process of alienation, separating itself from "We, the People" it purports to represent and serve. "Section 220 of S.1 is a direct assault on the First Amendment and the right of citizens to freely petition their government for a redress of grievances," as Rev. Louis Sheldon has stated as Chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition. Section 220 was defeated initially, but has resurfaced in H.R. 254 in another effort to strengthen reversal of master and servant roles.

Section 220 would require any and every person discussing matters before Congress to be registered as lobbyists for speaking to or publishing for 500 or more people regarding those issues. They would be subject to monitoring, regulations, fines and jail time. This will intimidate our pastors' speaking before congregations, internet websites, our small newsletters, talk shows, and local political forums and rallies, and large grassroots organizations "We the People" choose to speak for us!

A great many information channels and public forums would die in fear of "Big Brother" and his heavy load of red tape, fees, fines, and prison. And you know how little Mainstream Media provides in way of government news coverage relevant to your interests. And how well your congress critter responds to your inquiries. You probably recall the recent McCain-Feingold "Campaign Reform" that prohibits grassroots organizations from publicizing our concerns in the weeks before an election. Why do our so-called "representatives" in Congress want to keep us from being informed of their actions and prevent us from being heard? Why do they wish to hide their voting records? I think you know why!

After the War Between The States, Uncle Sam forced southern state legislatures to write new laws at gunpoint. (See Tennessee history!) On April 8, 1913, the 17th Amendment (fraudulently) released U.S. Senators from their Constitutional duties to represent their state governments on Capitol Hill. They were freed to be elected "at large" and go whoring after deep pockets in corporate suits. Then, in the dark of night on Christmas Eve in 1913, they sold their Constitutional fiscal responsibilities to a private banking consortium known as the Federal Reserve Bank. Since then, mighty corporate powers have had all the attention in Washington, District of Criminals. "We, the People" only get "dog and pony shows" where every action, image, and statement is carefully crafted by psychologists, spin doctors, statisticians and other professional liars. They are only looking to milk, fleece, and butcher us for their table. President Eisenhower warned us of the "military-industrial complex". President Kennedy died standing up to it, trying to restore honest money and keep us out of the Vietnam War.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, God of Democrats and Friend of Communists, took us away from Constitutional Law and put us under Admiralty Law. (You did know that, didn't you?) Under his "Trading With The Enemy Act", part of the "War Powers" portfolio maintained and enhanced by every president since, "We, the People" are held by LAW to be "enemies of the state" to be treated as such! Government declared the public as it's enemies! This is a serious breach of faith by our "public servants". In fact, this was the government's writ of divorce served upon the American People.

Recall the U.S. Supreme Court years ago ruled police have no duty to protect "We, the People", but rather the government. Some judges say our Second Amendment only refers to the collective right of state militias, which they hold to be the National Guard. Of course, President George W. Bush has federalized the National Guard over the objections of all 50 state governors. (Wasn't the Second Amendment about defending us against tyrants in government? How will a federalized militia do this?)

Speaking of defense, our borders are breached by some 20 MILLION illegal aliens who are protected by police as they march through our streets with their demands, flying Mexican flags! They are afforded more rights and benefits than American citizens, encouraged by a "catch and release"
policy. They threaten to take our southwestern states by force for an Hispanic nation they call "Aztlan". Those of us who oppose this massive invasion, like the Minutemen, are slurred as "vigilantes" by President Bush. Remember, "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance", and our government is not vigilant in protecting us or our freedoms. The Bush regime in fact is working to destroy our sovereignty in merging the United States, Canada, and Mexico into a "North American Union" similar to the European Union. He does this without even consulting "We, the People" in an arrogant breach of contract with our sovereign states under the U.S. Constitution. Bush's regime is corporate-socialist, or fascist, in form.

Recall how the Supreme Court ruled abortion was legal because a woman has the right to control her body, her privacy? So, why are vaccines being mandatory in our bodies? Why can we not refuse cycling helmets or seat belts on our bodies? Why are autopsies madatory for all bodies despite religious beliefs? Why is abortion only a woman's decision, but a living child is a man's responsibility? What's left of our property rights? Why is Bush invading our privacy with mandatory mental health exams for all of us? Reading our mail? There is no rhyme or reason in our body of law, and the Supreme Court openly speaks of applying foreign law to their rulings in spite of their oaths to uphold the U.S. Constitution. "Law" is merely the whim of the ruling elite. Privacy is illegal now, despite the Fourth Amendment. Just try keeping your "houses, papers and effects" private from government goons. I dare you!

Every computer is required by law to have a built-in "back door"

expressly designed to allow government snoops to monitor every key stroke, image and record on every file. Your telephone is likewise "bugged", and Uncle Sam listens to everybody and everything 24/7. Your cell phone can track your movements and monitor you even when it is switched "off". We are watched by cameras on roadways and in countless buildings. A national ID card is being mandated for 2008, with an RFID chip for containing all your pertinent records in a state-issued driver's license. (The State of New Mexico Legislature's Judiciary Committee opposes this!) Without the national ID card, you won't be able to board a train or plane, drive a car, enter federal facilities or have a bank account. Of course, they're gearing up to skin tag all of us with RFID chips, which many know as the "MARK OF THE BEAST"! Computers now exist with the capacity to monitor and track every person on the planet in real time, managing us like livestock.

Speaking of computers, "electronic voting" has been demonstrated to not only be flawed, but fraudulent, according to experts such as David L.Dill, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and founder of Even the Bush-appointed Chairman of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, Rev. DeForest Soaries, resigned in disgust saying the election system is "ripe for stealing elections and for fraud", that election reform was only a government "charade". As Stalin noted, "he who counts the votes decides everything." So much for democracy.

Immediately after 9/11, presto! The PATRIOT ACT (ever notice the feds always name things for their opposites?) appeared on cue, the hundreds of pages written well in advance. Our diligent "representatives" in Congress voted to approve it without even having a copy to read simply because King George commanded them to. Congressman Ron Paul (R) reported this travesty.

Now anyone, for violation of ANY federal law, can "legally" be deemed a "terrorist", siezed without any right to an attorney or a trial, held secretly and indefinitely, tortured and perhaps killed. It is a published fact that many large concentration camps are being built in America, where Attorney General Gonzales declares anything "El Presidente" does is legal simply because he is the president (like Hitler). We have no right to habeus corpus or anything else the government finds annoying, like truth, justice, and liberty for all. Court rulings no longer protect "whistle blowers" or journalists, and the black-robed elites have ruled "truth is no defense" if somebody is offended, even in issues of public concern.

Bush often speaks of this "Nation of Laws", but holds himself above the law and the scrutiny of Congress and courts with "signing statements" and his "plenary powers" and "executive privilege". He behaves as a criminal.

And look at Aaron Russo's film, "America: From Freedom to Fascism" to see an I.R.S. Commissioner state the U.S. Supreme Court is "irrelevant". It has gotten so bad, one Arizona state legislator whose name begins with "SIN" has now introduced legislation making it a felony for citizens to patrol their borders looking to detect or report illegal activity...especially if they have a gun! (See AZ Rep. Kyrsten Sinema's H.B. 2286.) We have no "checks and balances" in what was once our government, and no common sense.

The corporate/socialist beast in the District of Criminals only supports "freedoms" that lead to moral decay, ignorance, poverty, bondage, and death. Things which lead us to virtuous strength, knowledge, wealth, independence and right to life are prohibited. Dr. Eric R. Pianka won an award for advocating exterminating 90% of humanity at the Texas Academy of Science in October, 2006, using Ebola virus. Remember, nearly all scientists are employed by government or corporations. We need to face the government's track record of "service" as a LEGAL CORPORATION dedicated to a bottom line at the bottom of our graves. It is a tyranny that will never know when to stop, will never concede to any restraint on the unbridled lust for wealth, power, and privilege. When it has taken everything we have and reduced us to livestock, we will be seen as "overhead" to be reduced. Wars and genocide have always been the profitable remedies chosen by tyrants. Look at Stalin, Hitler, and Mao among other "successful leaders" of the 20th Century. They killed millions more of their own people than any foreign invaders. All ten planks of the Communist platform have been implemented in America -- check it out! When "democracy" is exported at gunpoint, is it any surprise it is in short supply here at home? We have neither a republic nor a democracy. We now have a fascist tyranny owned by billionaires around the globe, whose lackey Repocrats and Dempublicans take turns playing "Good Cop and Bad Cop". We're all going to prison for life regardless of which of the two parties we work with!

As Thomas Jefferson said, "the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time...". Let's sound the charge and begin impeachment proceedings against the Bush/Cheney cabal and convene grand juries. Let's do it now while the tree of liberty still has a glimmer of life in these United States. After all, "Those that make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable," as President Kennedy commented. Let's end the "shadow government" of surveillance matrixes, black budgets, secret meetings, and sealed records to get on with the public's agenda of freedom. Let's not live under fear of false-flag trickery, terrorist mind games, nuclear, biological, and chemical threats. Let's stop submitting our children to brainwashing in the "public fool system". Let's get government off our pastors' backs, out of our churches! Out of our pockets! Let's have honest money and honest elections! Let's put government outlaws in their place...and I'm not talking about cushy "Club Fed" or Paraguay!

The federal government has divorced "We, the People"! Let's let them know we're keeping the house and the money. Let's clean house in that den of thieves on the Potomac and restore our original Constitution and Bill of Rights! Let's remind them our Founding Fathers intended the federal government to be limited by law in a nation of free people possessing God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! We reject their argument that the American Heritage practiced for over 200 years is now "unconstitutional" or "antiquated"! If we are to have a government of the people for the people, it must be by the people...and "We, the People, must take charge as our "representatives" and "servants" have abandoned us by their own writs presented as public documents. "We, the People" do not live well subservient to corruption, greed, and totalitarian dreams! Let's remind the elite about President Lincoln saying "you can't fool all the people all the time," and WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! As George W. Bush himself approved of Saddam Hussein's fate being decided by the Iraqi people, let's hold him and Cheney to the same legal standard and afford them the same measure of dignity in considering their high crimes and treason, unjust wars and crimes against humanity.

Of course, the law now considers angry speech or gestures to be "crimes of violence". Can you muster the courage to loose your chains to speak and act as a free patriot? LET FREEDOM RING!

David McElroy

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