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"Call To Decision" - Pastor Butch expands his audience

Written by Subject: Religion: Believers
I call your attention to this effort because I know the power of knowledge and sincerity.

Over the next 18 months we can easily determine the power of the message and the new abilities to share the message of Christ’s support of liberty and the freedom to choose. Pastor Butch is clear about his view of what the proper role of government is and I am very interested in how many people rally behind what he represents to the people of West Virginia.

This article is a heads up for those of the Christian faith, and other interested individuals, in the teachings that opposed the tyrannical government that preceded the one that now ‘rules’ us all. Revolutions all have a spiritual component that emphasizes the moral foundation upon which change is required to satisfy our spiritual desire for Justice.

We’ll keep tabs on their progress.

My wife and I enjoy his perspective in several of his teachings. I think this video segment gives you a very good idea of his views about God and Government and just how separate their roles are. (I always steer you to the good stuff :)

I think this video is the best one to start with as an introduction. Righteous Government Part 2

Rendering Unto Caesar Part 1

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