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We Need Help - 1500 DVDs of Aaron Russo's - "Freedom to Fascism" being distributed to

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Here’s the deal.

Behind the scenes we are aware of a fan of Aaron Russo’s “Freedom to Fascism” movie that has 1500 DVDs to be distributed to a large number of people today at a gathering that is a grapevine root. There are several gatherings associated with the group that run from lunch time through dinner and I was asked to wait until now to send out an invitation to those that I thought would be willing to hand out the DVDs to the people in attendance to these events today.

That’s all I can say now until the deed is done. If I know you and you are available to do some of this old fashioned activism this afternoon and evening then please call me at 602 717 5900 and I will provide more details about where to meet in the Phoenix area.



602 717 5900 – Please don’t call unless you are willing to help. I am very busy with this effort today and you can wait to read about what happened later on

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