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So You Say You Want A Revolution. Well, you know... - by Ernest Hancock

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FreedomsPhoenix has completed
Phase I of its development!
There is a lot to share with the readers of FreedomsPhoenix about the new features available and the upgrades coming online, and we’ll be spending another couple weeks debugging new features and making the site’s features more user friendly with improved graphics.
For the next few days I will be leaving this article at the top of the site in hopes that readers will take the time to explore this article and its links so that you’ll gain a better understanding about what motivated the creation of FreedomsPhoenix and its bright future.
Many of us realize just how important the events of the past few years are, and even the past few weeks, to the future of our families. My family, friends and fellow freedom supporters have been very much aware of the direction America and the rest of the world is heading and FreedomsPhoenix has been a great tool to help understand and prepare for what many of us believe is in the near future. But the path to that future is going to be messy and very dangerous. Categories such as: Economy, Housing, War, Technology, Medicine, Energy, Foreign Policy to name a few, have every one of over 15,000 entries sorted for in depth research on any one of over 130 subjects so new readers and media professionals have a depth of knowledge to aide them in getting caught up on what the real trends are in the world. 
FreedomsPhoenix is the product of the efforts and support of many. The talents of Powell Gammill (senior editor) and Tyger Gilbert (webmaster) are obvious to the readers of FreedomsPhoenix and the many other editors and reporters are beginning to have their own fans promoting their work here on FreedomsPhoenix .
My 18 years of freedom activism in addition to my years in radio as a talk show host and producer has provided a unique perspective that allowed me to see news being made and news being reported. Almost immediately I realized how the traditional media would be replaced with alternative media. As technology increasingly empowered the individual to tell the truth in real time, the ability to fabricate news and twist the truth only made it easy to expose the liars and their intentions.
I hope you’ll take the time to allow me to share some thoughts and a small bit of personal history with you so that there is a better understanding of the important role FreedomsPhoenix will play in the coming “revolution between the ears” that precede all drastic changes for the better.
By clicking on any of the following images you will be directed to more information in the form of web sites, audio and video that will help expand an understanding that I wish to share.
Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged' is finally coming to the big screen in 2008 and is now in production.

The star female role of 'Dagney Taggart' will be played by superstar Angelina Jolie.
Done well, this film will have at least the effect of great movies like: The Matrix - Braveheart - Gladiator - Lord of the Rings - Serenity - V is for Vendetta. With a realease date just before the 2008 election cycle the impact on the election is not nearly as important as the impact on our culture at a time when people will be paying attention to such messages of freedom and government tyranny. The phrase most notable in the novel, "Who is John Galt" will once again inspire an new generation of graffiti artists.
Only a few days ago in the news the Council on Foreign Relations released a press release (The Council's presence has long been felt most acutely in government, where its members – including Colin Powell, Henry Kissinger, Condoleezza Rice, and Dick Cheney – have often been the internationalist powers behind the throne.) has nominated Angelina as a member but she has yet to accept. (Story Here) 

Angelina Jolie May Join Council on Foreign Relations

  "Ms. Jolie-Pitt has a long and storied history in Hollywood. Her most recent film was the acclaimed film "The Good Shepard." She won an Oscar for her role in "Girl, Interrupted" and reportedly gave the statue to her mother. In a role that might seem surprising, she is slated to play the character of Dagny Taggart in the movie adaptation of the Ayn Rand novel "Atlas Shrugged" to begin production soon. She is a proven Hollywood talent. She is just as much a proven humanitarian. And would be a very good addition to the Council on Foreign Relations."
It's enough to make you go "Hummmmmm" 
In the battle for the minds of the people... 
The movie about how the United States government attacked the efforts of John Lennon to "change the minds of the people" (The U.S. vs. John Lennon) is very representative of what I believe to be the greatest power that is feared by the various collective forces on the planet. This documentary was very helpful in the understanding  of the power John Lennon & Yoko Ono used to threaten the War Machine during the Vietnam War. Their influence was so great that the Nixon Administration did their best to shut him up. This amazing effort is all to familiar to us now with the Bush Administration  So, to have the CFR release a public invitation to Ms. Jolie without her response is understandable as a tactic to associate her name and works with them without her ever having said "Boo" to them. It's all a game to them,.... except the war suffering is real.
(Shocked? Good!) 
Another great documantary is
This film tells the story of how the Vietnam War stopped when the Soldiers refused to continue fighting it. The movie trailer is very informative and these events have had the government make every attempt possible to erase this history. This documentary and the efforts of Lt. Ehren Watada have brought this time in our history into our present day awareness on many levels.

Lt. Ehren Watada on Refusing to Serve in Iraq

Lt. Ehren Watada's speech is one of the most powerful I have heard and will go down in history as one of America's best. Watch it and you'll see just how inspiring truth can be from the mind of a young man that knows what truth is.
While producing the Charles Goyette show I scheduled the creators of the documentary "Loose Change". These young men in their 20's spent about $6000 to produce the first breakout documentary on the events of 9/11. This effective documentary asks the questions you'd expect from young men that are slow to believe the government line about,... anything. (Watch on YouTube here)
Once the creators of Loose Change realized the effect of our featuring the "Loose Change" documentary on FreedomsPhoenix and on Charles' radio show they were very quick to send me hundreds of DVDs. The popularity of them at the Arizona State legislature was such that the producers of the video were sending hundreds directly to Republican Senator Karen Johnson at her request.
9/11 Mysteries
This movie is more professionally done and focuses on the "Demolition" of the WTC buildings. Part 1 of 4: 9/11 Mysteries is very effective. So much so that European distribution rights have been sold and has provided the funding to complete the other 3 parts of the series that cover other aspects of 9/11.
Aaron's movie focuses on The Federal Reserve - The IRS/Federal Income Tax - Computer Vote Fraud. These issues are well known to many activists of libertarian philosophy but the impact on the more conservative minded and the flag waving Republicans has been amazing. I have been in theatres twice when this information has been presented to patriots that consider themselves 'conservatives'. When this information is presented to them by this award winning Hollywood producer of movies like "The Rose" with Bete Midler and "Trading Places" with Eddie Murphy, it has a surprising impact that I didn't expect. The best description I can give is that it is like demonstrating to a 4 year old that Santa Clause doesn't exist.

So impactful was this film that 1500 were produced immediatly after viewing by the father of a regular reader of FreedomsPhoenix that purchased a copy of the movie. Those 1500 DVDs were allowed to be produced under the condition that we purchase another copy of one that was not the Director's cut and that they would not be sold. An interview about what was done with them is here on AFTF's blog (You'll have to scroll down to the Wednesday, February 07, 2007 entry for the MP3 of what happened)  Bottom Line:  $3500 was spent on the burning of the 1500 copies so that they could be placed on the windshields of the cars of 7000 Pastors and other church leaders meeting in Phoenix. (One man inspires many others that have the ability to inform many others that need to be informed. And I have seen up close how this demographic responds).
The labels were designed to attract the most attention from these Christians.
Distributing FreedomsPhoenix promotional cards at a very large gun show here in Arizona gave volunteers an opportunity to also promote a favorite candidate (thousands distributed).
Many events feature our large 6' & 8' Banners. Please let us know if you know of an event  you think we should attend. Just this last week we were featured at the 9/11 Conference here in Phoenix, The Home Education Network Arizona conference, The Crossroads of the West Gun Show, and the New Hampshire Liberty Forum of the Free State Project was covered live by FreedomsPhoenix editor Dave Gallager The unofficial blog for Ron Paul's Presidential effort is maintained by Dave here

Prior to the creation of FreedomsPhoenix several of us would publish various configuations of high quality newspapers to demonstrate just how bad local newspapers had become in comparison. But we knew it was the Internet that was the future, so our efforts have been focused there. (online WLA Newspaper version)
The WLA gathers when needed to make it clear what is important to them. Some projects are in the works now that you will soon hear more about. 
One of my many concerns. 
A very hopeful sign!
Ron Paul will be in the CNN Republican candidate debate hosted by Wolf Blitzer April 4th in New Hampshire.
 Here in Arizona Ron Paul has supporters.
Barry Hess is running for the Libertarian Party nomination for President of the United States (POTUS) but fully understands how supporting Ron Paul for as long as he remains in the race for POTUS is in support of the common fight for liberty. Barry's speech here at the 2006 Libertarian Party Convention demonstrates how the support of the Western Libertarian Alliance might have some value here in Arizona (Barry's speech in support of my nomination for National Chair,... I lost... too radical :)
Still reading this article?... Good for you :)
Now you can understand the reasoning for my actions a bit more and predict the future for us a little. I am of the opinion that circumstances are going to get a lot worse before they get better in this country and around the world. The best history I've read to understand what we can expect has been autobiographies and biographies of those living before and during the American Revolution. It provides a window into the circumstances that fueled the rebellion against tyranny and to what lengths coercive collectives will go to maintain and enhance their power and control. The cycle is near completing another "revolution" and I am doing my best to keep it peaceful.
My 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls 17 - 21 years of age) use the Internet a great deal and our home is full of computers constantly on the Internet accessing information. The community website "My Space" was well known to me early on and I saw it grow very quickly. A young man just sold the website to Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch for $580,000,000. The battle for the minds unplugged from the TV is being wagged right now and we have a fighting chance to compete as long as truth is available to those that seek it.
FreedomsPhoenix is very open while providing security. Becoming an editor is there for the asking and your material isn't edited for content and anyone is allowed to comment on any entry. This philosophy is well demonstrated by the Wikipedia model for open source sharing of information. This multi-language global encyclopedia is created by and maintained by any and everyone... You should just ponder that for a while. 
Billy Jacking 
Billy Jack was a popular "B" movie of the mid 70's that has a scene that many of the Arizona activists use as a reference. The movie takes place in Arizona and is about a returning Green Beret that has had his fill of corrupt government officials. During a confrontation with a corrupt government official Billy Jack declares that he is going to kick the man in the head and that there is nothing he is going to be able to do about it. So among ourselves we may say something like, " I gave them a Billy Jack". What this means is that we told them exactly what we are going to do and that there was nothing that they could do about it. As a reward for reading this far :) I share this with you so that you understand in the future what is meant when I and others use this reference without explaining what it means. There are several "Billy Jacks" coming and I'll share them with you later.
Here is an example of a past "Billy Jack".
 This film provided a reference to 100's of Thousands here in Arizona. I knew I could take advantage of it by expressing a lack of credibility in the voting process. A new way of looking at the problem was required to not only address the real problems but to germinate some thinking. In the end the effort was rewarded with having been voted the best campaign sign for Arizona's 2006 election cycle. And for every person that didn't understand or opposed the effort there were many others that understood perfectly and thought that it was about time.
What many of you may not know is that after selling my family pizza restaurant I became one of the first libertarian talk show hosts in a major market every day during drive time (first with a morning show and later during evening drive time). All of my radio shows are archived here. Since we structured the archive in such a way so that we discussed a single issue completely from a libertarian perspective with great guests, we were able to categorize the shows by subject and guest name. This has produced a great resource that is timeless in getting a libertarian perspective on many issues. It also makes Google search engine hits very productive and even after years off the air I still have over 20,000 downloads a month of archived shows. Maybe you'll find something of internest there too,... and get some questions answered.
Our new Ariticle and Editorial formatting will allow us to be more creative and share more with you about the coming events and activism that we enjoy doing. Please send us pictures and stories about what you're doing in your neighborhood.
(You made it to the end:)

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
Entered on:
March 25th was the first day back on the air for "Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock" on the "Nova M" radio network out of Phoenix Arizona. This network is the new "Progressive" radio network started by the Drobny's. You may best know the Drobnys as the couple that started the Air America Network.

The fact that openly liberal radio network owners would add a no-compromise hard core libertarian to their new stable of talk show hosts is a very interesting thing to ponder. I guess they see the future too. :)

Comment by 1776liberty
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It's darn nice knowing and getting to work with a man who thinks just like our Founding Fathers - Ernie, just what time machine did you take to get here?

When there are disturbing questions about how to fix the perplexing problems of today - the Founding Father's answers, particularly those prophetic Anti-Federalists, are once AGAIN the only lasting, timeless solution to those problems….


And Ernie here once again describes this, in a thoroughly modern form, deliciously and precise. Thanks Hancock!

Comment by Ernest Hancock
Entered on:

Great comment Ed!
I'll use that perspective freely from now on.

Comment by Ed Price
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Within this article you will find a plug for the coming "Atlas Shrugged" movie. Ayn Rand wrote from the standpoint of complete selfishness. Most Christians will say that she was wrong - that selfishness is wrong. Please consider the second of the two greatest commands of the Law of God. Jesus says this command is, "Love your neighbor as yourself." When you consider the last 2 words of that little command, you find that selfishness is a prerequisite for selflessness.