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(Audio) Financial Armageddon Author: Ron Paul Stands Alone

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 In his book Financial Armageddon, Michael J. Panzner details the looming perfect storm of a deteriorating US dollar, unprecidented US debt, unraveling derrivitive investements and a deflating housing bubble.

In an interview this week with Financial Sense Online's Jim Puplava, Panzner noted that no politicians have had or will have the political will to deal with the problem until it is far too late.

On his blog today Panzner has posted this:

Ron Paul Speaks

For all the talk about incompetence, corruption, and politics as usual in Washington, there are a few officials who stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. Comptroller General David M. Walker, the nation's chief accountant, is one such individual. Another is Representative Ron Paul of Texas, who doesn't have the luxury of an extended term of office, but who stands by his principles nonetheless.

Following on from Mr. Walker's appearance on "60 Minutes" last Sunday, the Congressman from the Lone Star State offers his own thoughts on the government spending-related dangers ahead in "The Coming Entitlement Meltdown."

Quite frankly, if the public comes to believe there is serious economic trouble on the horizon Ron Paul's message may be heard. If not, he will be dismissed as just another "Chicken Little".

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