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WLA Workshop Hours

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WLA Workshop Hours
Thursday, March 22nd from 4pm – 9pm we will be active at the workshop producing more signs. Those that want to help or pick up signs to distribute are welcome to come by. We need more money to buy more supplies so bringing some money is welcome. You can also stop by the hardware store for cans of black and red spray paint.
A TV will be present for those wishing to keep up with the NCAA basketball tournament.   You can bring your own for a backup, or multiviewing areas, if you have a spare.
If you have an idea for a sign you are willing to produce then feel free to make use of the workshop.
Some people have already scheduled their own project time and are working on their own projects and meetings, so feel free to be creative.
Saturday and Sunday someone will be on site from Noon to 5pm for sure. If you are coming by earlier or later just call me to make sure someone is already there or staying late.
Ernest Hancock
602 717 5900
WLA Workshop
4700 N Central Ave. #102 (NW Corner of Highland and Central Ave – just South of Camelback across from Brophy High School and Xavier Church)