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Ron Paul on Jack Stockwell Radio Show

Written by Subject: Eugenics
Ron Paul was interviewed March 30, 2007, about his Presidential race (while in Phoenix) by Dale Williams who was filling in for the Jack Stockwell Radio Show (Utah).  Ron Paul is in the first 15 minutes. I left the remainder because it is a good radio show.  I cut the commercials out. MP3 audio link at end  (MP3PRO-18kps) runs 41 minutes. 
Kudos to those who sent this to me, and requested to remain annonymous.
The audio is suboptimal, because the original recording was on a digital recording in which the gain was set so high that overloading of the signal occurred which results in a very loud sound with loss of signal.  I have toned it down, and played with some threshold, equalization and normalization values, as well as adjusted the mid-range and high range frequencies.  It helped.  But there is still a reverb aspect that irritates me.
But at least it is listenable.