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Part 26: Coming mega traumas

By Frosty Wooldridge


The first 25 parts of this series dealt with environmental ramifications from adding 100 million people to America in 33 years.  If they didn’t shock you or cause alarm concerning your children’s future, I scratch my head in dismay.


I slap my jaw in distress realizing our nation’s president and Congress carry on their inane activities without a clue or action toward a viable future.  A few visionaries like Tom Tancredo, Dr. Albert Bartlett, former Colorado Governor Lamm, Dr. John Tanton, John Rohe, Roy Beck, Barbara Coe and a growing army of Americans do understand, however, the power elites do nothing.  Most Americans follow the president and Congress into our growing population mega trauma.


Governor Lamm, a man I know personally and respect highly, wrote “Megatraumas: America at the Year 2000”.  He projected ramifications of our growing consequences from population growth.   Whether he was off by a few years, he hit the bull’s eye as to what we face in 2007 and beyond.


“The U.S. economy will be debt-ridden, with structural unemployment nearing 20 percent,” Lamm said.  “The U.S. will have the lowest percentage of capital investment and lowest growth in productivity and savings of any major industrialized country.  The middle class will be wiped out by these inter-related economic predicaments.”


In 2007, we suffer $8.5 trillion national debt, $789 billion devastating war debt, 18 million unemployed Americans, 3 million jobs outsourced, 1 million insourced and millions more offshored.  We borrow $2 billion daily from foreign investors to float our economy.  Consumers suffer a gargantuan $2 trillion debt.  Average credit card debt stands at $9,149.00 balance (debt).  Our manufacturing base no longer exists and illegal workers from Mexico create the second largest underground economy in the world.  According to Bear-Stearns Report of 2005, $400 billion in IRS income taxes go uncollected while American job wage losses exceeding $200 billion annually.


“The U.S. has the most expensive and inefficient health-care system in the world,” Lamm said. 


Because of massive immigration numbers, 86 hospitals and ER wards in California bankrupted out of existence in the past five years.  Over 40 million Americans cannot afford to carry health insurance in 2007.


“Immigration will be out of control,” Lamm said.  “At a time when the U.S. economy was not creating enough new jobs for our own citizens, the federal government allowed millions of legal and illegal immigrants to enter.  The Southwest will become a “Hispanic Quebec.”  Taking a cue from Castro’s success in 1980 when he released thousands of criminals into the hands of Florida, other countries sent terrorists and criminals across the U.S. borders.”


As you know, we suffered 9/11. Our prisons hold over 400,000 illegal alien convicts costing $2 billion annually.  American citizens suffer death daily at the hands of illegal alien drunks, killers, rapists, MS-13 gangs and children molesters.


America’s educational system will move into a new Dark Age,” Lamm said. 


In his own state of Colorado, Denver Public Schools suffer a 67 percent drop out/flunk out rate every June.  One of five teachers quits or transfers out every nine month cycle from futility in chaotic classrooms.  In California, education turned into a fight for survival with 100 competing languages, gangs, drugs and racial conflicts.  Educators ‘warehouse’ immigrant children until they dispatch them into our society at age 18—functionally illiterate.


This week, Washington Post journalists reported that one third of the Washington, DC’s local population suffered functional illiteracy while one fifth of mainstream America can’t read, write or work simple math.


America will become a dangerous, crime-infested country,” Lamm said. 


One look at 2 million prisoners in our federal, state and local jails tells you something is wrong in America.  Over 15,000 MS-13 gang members distribute $128 billion in drugs to our schools and cities nationwide.


“Our groundwater will become badly contaminated,” Lamm said.


As reported in this series, over 40 percent of lakes and rivers in America currently remain unsafe for swimming or drinking.  The Mississippi River spews toxic water into a 3,000 mile dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.


“The U.S. carries an international welfare load to match its domestic one,” Lamm said.  “An effort to increase exports to ‘never-to-be-developed’ countries has led to a dangerous overexploitation of American farmland.”


The U.S. gives over $6 billion annually to countries like Israel and Egypt in outright money that goes into the pockets of the rich.  It pays horrendous welfare to millions in the USA unable, unwilling or uneducated enough not work. 


As shown by Dr. Tanton’s research in “Part 9: Crossing our Agricultural Rubicon”, as a nation, we no longer enjoy unlimited food production as our farmland diminishes with population onslaught.


As you read in this series, I have covered much more as to negative ramifications to our nation concerning adding 100 million people.  It’s like looking at a beautiful lake that looks nice on the surface until you dive under the water to see rusting cans of nuclear waste, leaking cans of pesticides, chemical piles, wrecked cars, dead fish on the bottom and a host of other ugly realities.


Lamm in the 1980s saw America as a “nation in liquidation.”


Lamm felt we might hold out hope with a brilliant new president who leads the country back to a sustainable future.   In his book, fictional President Morgenstern (“Morning Star”) managed to balance the budget, paid of the debt and created means-testing for welfare applicants. Health showed improvement by prevention methods; pension systems overhauled; government regains borders; infrastructure rebuilt; economic aid limited to countries that helped themselves.


In light of what’s happening today, I am curious as to Governor Lamm’s projections in 2007.  I see presidential candidates like Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter that could change our disastrous course, however, I wonder if the American public can cut through the media’s “chosen” candidates touted for the presidency. 


Alexander Solzhenitsyn warned, “Seen from the outside, the massive upheaval in American society approaches a limit beyond which it will become ‘meta-stable’ and must collapse.”


Even that famous Russian writer who lived here for a short time could not imagine the environmental aspect; nonetheless, he witnessed the social and historical ramifications.


If you look at what our president and Congress continue in 2007, I add “national suicide” via apathy as our ultimate destination. Most Americans resemble sheep following the one before them down a chute into the killing zone.  No one takes action or tries to escape until they see the sledge hammer dropping toward their head.  By then, it’s too late.


Every sign in this series points to environmental breakdown, population pileup and degraded standard of living.  By adding 100 million people in 33 years, nothing will improve and everything will get worse.  Like Katrina, you can count on the consequences if we don’t act today.







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