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Karl Hess: Toward Liberty - Oscar Winner 1981 Short Documentary (YouTube Video)

Written by Subject: Philosophy: Anarchism

Ernest Hancock played this video on his radio/video show to save this Oscar Winning film from the Memory hole
To save the show from censorship Ernest played the movie and video taped the screen... of him watching it :) Video starts at 2:00mins. The Commercial breaks can be skipped by advancing 4 mins. when the commercials start.


2014-01-01 Hour 2 Freedom's Phoenix Headline News from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.


Karl Hess - Toward Liberty: 1980 Oscar Winner Part 1 of 3 (9min 23sec))
Karl Hess - Toward Liberty: 1980 Oscar Winner Part 2 of 3 (8min 25sec)
Karl Hess - Toward Liberty: 1980 Oscar Winner Part 3 of 3 (9min 08sec)

These video files are the result of original film copies supplied by Karl Hess' son, Karl Hess, that were then digitized. I am very happy we were able to make this historic documentary available to the planet. The message lives on Karl.
Ernest Hancock 
Publisher - FreedomsPhoenix 
Karl Hess: Toward Liberty
A tribute to former Barry Goldwater speechwriter Karl Hess (1923-1994), often described as the "most beloved libertarian," who became a spokesman for a social philosophy called appropriate technology (AT). He encourages the audience to examine social issues and to think of society as people rather than institutions.

· Documentary (Short Subjects) 1980: Roland Halle & Peter W. Ladue - Producers
1 nomination, 1 Award