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Lost Dog Needs a "Name" - by Becky Fenger

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By Becky Fenger



Naming “Nameless”

   There is one thing I have come to know about the readers and publisher of Sonoran News; namely, you folks are graced with a profound love of animals. For that reason, I am excited to share with you this story from a good friend of mine that touched my heart.
    “As of 10 a.m. today, I have a new roommate who is an illegal immigrant, and I don’t think she speaks English,” my friend wrote. She goes on to describe her new boarder as weighing 14 pounds, having the face of a blonde cocker spaniel, and the long body and short legs of a dachshund.
    The doggie can talk, but does little of it, so we’re left to guess the story behind the canine.
    Here’s what we know so far: A couple from Phoenix were walking their dogs while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They came across what they thought to be a dead rabbit, but it was dark and they couldn’t tell for certain. Their dogs sniffed at the thing. When they walked away, it got up and followed, even though it could barely drag itself.
    It followed them all the way home. When they got to the light, they could see it was a small filthy dog.
    The kind folks constructed a pen outside their lodging and put in water and some food. They doubted the dog could last through the night, but at least she would die in a safe place. When she was still there in the early morning hours, they took a closer look. She was nearly dead and very quiet, just grateful for what they had to offer. Her nails had grown back into the pads on her paws, so that it had to be excruciating just for her to walk. She was matted, filthy, dehydrated and nearly starved.
    The Good Samaritans did all they could to clean her up and medicate her lacerations, which were plentiful. They found a veterinarian who treated all her wounds and checked for rabies.
    For the next several days they searched for any possible owner, but with no luck. Every night they left the door to her pen open so that she could walk away if that was what she wanted, now that her nails were cut and her pads treated.
    She didn’t budge.
    The vacation was at an end, and it was time to return to Arizona.
    Abandoning the little dog there was not an option, so they brought her back with them. Some things one just must do if one is to sleep at night. Something about “the milk o’ human kindness” that Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth feared would weaken her husband.
    Little “Nameless” has been in the U.S. for two weeks now.
    Through a mutual dog lover and rescuer, the vacationing couple was led to believe that the mutt just might have a home with my friend.
    Fortunately for Nameless, she had been looking to replace her last rescued dog that had gone to the Rainbow Bridge some time ago. That’s the way things work out sometimes when the stars align.
    Nameless needs a good name that reflects her tough journey and good fortune, and here’s where we could use your help. Please send any suggestions to, and I’ll pass them along. You should know that she is very quiet but not frightened. She follows her new owner around everywhere (can you blame her?) but is not demanding.
    Her new toys are a puzzle to Nameless, but she likes going outside for walks on the leash.
    She has had the battery of shots and will go back in a month for spaying and boosters. She had to be shaved, but when her coat grows back out it she’ll be primarily blonde. The vet guesses she is about age 3.
    One kind lady now has a new little “very used” dog that needed a home. Now all she lacks is a name.

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