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How to be a FreedomsPhoenix writer...

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FreedomsPhoenix has over 6000 daily subscribers to our e-mailed headlines. Thousands of individuals representing all forms of mainstream media use our site to help them do their jobs. Our ad in Talkers Magazine has resulted in many emails of thanks and gratitude for our providing material to make their jobs of informing a demanding public easier.
This is also why for over a year Senior Editor Powell Gammill sends out the latest news at 1 am each morning so that the East Coast early morning talk shows have the information they need to get a much more complete view of what is happening around the world than what the various newspapers are willing to provide.
Hundreds of you have requested a greater role in helping to provide material for FreedomsPhoenix. Thank you!
We are now comfortable enough with our automation and manual editing/validation abilities to open up the site even more to those committed to sharing what they believe is the truth. While we retain the ability to determine what is allowed on our site it almost never used. It is our belief that the free-market of ideas will determine what gets read. However, you can be pretty sure that the in appropriate use of FreedomsPhoenix will prompt us to exercise our ability to censor (and Powell and I will use whatever criteria we personally feel is appropriate – but you will find us very tolerant)
“Reporters” have the ability to link Internet stories on our site The senior editor checks the story and adds the graphic.
Editors have near total freedom on the site and can post original articles and/or editorials (maybe you have many you wish to share). Editors are also able to create their own categories that are open to all to post to or make them exclusive to their own postings.
All Editors get their own Personal Data Page that is customized so that they can make various information available to readers,… or not.
Editors also select their own graphics and link them to off site pages...
Write!... That’s it.
Just write and send us your stuff. That’s what all of the editors on FreedomsPhoenix did to get published. They had something to say and they said it. Now that doesn’t mean that you’ll make the Front Page with everything that you write, but you will not be edited and you will have your material on the site in the category of your choosing that will be available to the Internet search engines, and we will evaluate everything for Front Page placement. While we have never dropped an editor in the past, we always reserve that right so that we can make sure that only those serious about sharing their true beliefs are highlighted.
After any amount of time on the site you will recognize that we have writers that have very different views about the same issue,… Good!
So I am encouraging all of you that demonstrated a desire to share your talents in writing, supplying audio and video files, making suggestions for the site and wanting to help to be pro active and contact me or Powell Gammill and let us know how we can be of service. I would write to each of you but we are few and you are so many. I hope you will take this invitation personally and make us aware of your individual desire to be heard. The most effective and popular writers are those that know their information is needed and enjoys sharing information that serves the freedom movement knowing that it serves their interests as well.
FreedomsPhoenix was created so that all of us would be as fully informed about our world as possible to safeguard the future of our families, and we look forward to your participation. It makes it much more fun for everyone.
Thanks for paying attention,