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Frosty Wooldridge and Ernest Hancock to debate Immigration on FreedomsPhoenix

Written by Subject: Immigration
Since so much has been written on the issue of Immigration here on FreedomsPhoenix. I think I should repost some of my articles on the subject. Alternative views are encouraged and I do not censor opposing views. But it is time I shared my position again for those interested (and from the emails I have been getting I guess several of you are interested)
I doubt I need to add much to what is said in the following 3 articles. If you have specific questions or need more clarification, please respond in the comment section and we'll get at it.
Frosty Wooldridge and his brother Howard (I met through his time with L.E.A.P. - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) and I have known each other for years and are very respectful of each others opinions on several issues. If there is enough interest then I'll ask Frosty if there is some method where we can both participate in an article where we will both answer questions submitted by the readers of FreedomsPhoenix. Frosty and I are very much in disagreement on the issue of Immigration but we share a love of liberty. So it would be a very interesting article.
Frosty has had dozens of articles on the issue published here without editing or censorship so his supporters have been able to enjoy his writing while being exposed to the other material here. But I think it'll be informative and entertaining for us to debate the issue fully. It may take a week or three for us to work something out but now is the time for interested parties to give the issues they wish addressed in any joint article that Frosty and I might participate in.
I'm sure Frosty and I each have a long list to choose from but I am counting on participation from the readers to encourage this project along.
Here are a few of my past articles that will help make my personal position clear to most.
I just talked to Frosty and he is more than willing.
He is just back from a media tour and a speech in Washington D.C. to hundreds so he has a very large audience ready to read whatever I have to say on the issue and I'm sure that I can get a few libertarian minded people to read Frosty's debate with me as well. Soooo, start sending your comments and questions.
Ernest Hancock - Publisher FreedomsPhoenix