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Ron Paul for President - Phoenix @ 2nd Largest in the U.S. ... Join Now!

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Ron Paul for President - Phoenix


Meet others, share ideas and collaborate on action plans to raise awareness of Ron Paul's bid for President of the US.

Anyone fed up with politics as usual is welcome to join this group and attend our meetup.

Without a doubt, a successful Ron Paul candidacy will depend heavily on a "prarie fire" ... come help ignite the spark !!!

Ron Paul for President Meetup changes.

Exciting changes are taking place with the Ron Paul for President meetup group.

1. The Ron Paul 2008 campaign has now established as a formal tool for grass roots communication. Of course here in Phoenix, we have been way ahead of the curve with the very first Ron Paul for President meetup group in the country established back in January. I have moved the meetup group within the site so that it now appears under the official "top level" Ron Pual for President topic.

2. For the last two months, much of our activities have centered around the "Ron Paul Revolution" Sign making activities taking place at the temporary workshop in Central Phoenix. The workshop period has ended (for now) so we expect that the meetups will begin to play a more central role in planning our activities and providing a hub for new and existing members alike.

3. Enhancements to the meetup website:

The following exciting features are now available to you as a meetup member.

Message board - read, post and respond to messages. Generate and participate in discussions about any topic related to the Ron Paul campaign. Float ideas for activism etc.

Calendar - the calendar will be maintained by the organizer and assistant organizers. Meetup events will be included on the calendar as well as campaign related activities such as media appearances and debates.

"Wiki" type about pages - Currently the meetup site is configured to allow ANY member to add pages and content to our ?About? section. It is hoped that this open approach will encourage group members to contribute to making the meetup experience all the better by adding valuable content to the site. We will only consider changing this to a more regulated system if it is abused. All we ask is that you keep the goals of the group in mind when creating content. Please do not use the pages for unrelated special interests and of course be respectful of potential new visitors to the site when choosing your language and / or graphic materials.

For an example of a content page see the "Themed Video" page link on the About page.

Polls - polls will be used from time to time to determine popular opinion within the group. Currently we are trying to determine the best day and time for a MONTHLY meetup. All members are encouraged to vote their preference.

Files - the files section is a place to make flyers (etc.) available to group members. Feel free to contribute or download files from or to this section.