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Arizona Opts out of REAL ID? (very cool)

Written by Subject: Police State
Well, things are happening fast now on the REAL ID bill (SB1152)!  The bill FINALLY made it to the House Rules Committee today and then also went through Caucus.  So, it's moving again!  Thanks to everyone who sent emails.  It was very helpful.  We were told by the Rules Committee staff that they got a LOT of messages, and those things DO help to persuade the Chairman to hear a bill.  You guys are great!
The next step is Committee of the Whole (COW).  This could happen as soon as tomorrow or Monday.  Please begin emailing your House members to ask them to support SB1152.  I'll probably send out a separate mailing later today to provide some talking points.  Committee of the Whole (COW) is the debate stage but they do vote in COW, and the bill has to pass to keep moving.  After COW comes the "Third Read" which is the official House vote.  So, say your prayers and cross your fingers and keep those emails coming!!  There's only about two weeks or so left in this session.  We are very close to the end, so the bill will probably be voted on very soon.  Thanks for all your help and interest in this bill.
Karen Winfield
Assistant to ...
Senator Karen S. Johnson
HR 418- A National ID Bill Masquerading as Immigration Reform