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Ernest Hancock on the Immigration issue:

Written by Subject: Immigration
Ernest Hancock on the Immigration issue:
My most recent posting about Immigration on the pages of FreedomsPhoenix
At the bottom of this article are links to MP3s of radio shows that have me debating the issue fully with well known leaders on both sides of the issue (Bumper Hornberger to Rep. (R) Russell Pearce & Frosty Wooldridge).
For those of you that care what my position is, you can listen to any one of these shows and make up your own mind. The fact that I welcome other opinions, so that each side is fully informed of other opinions and the motivations behind them is obvious. What is not obvious is the source of the fear of opposing opinions. By looking at the “Immigration” category of FreedomsPhoenix  you will find that Frosty writes a lot, and his position is Closed Borders.
There are many other entries that provide another view, but of the 130+ categories on the site I have many others that interest me more. Anyone is welcome to publish their views on FreedomsPhoenix with few requirements, but I can’t make people care enough to read them. The media hype on the border issue is reflected in the traffic on FreedomsPhoenix in spurts. Immigration problems are rapidly being seen as more of a symptom than a source of a much larger problem,... "government". Frosty's increasing intensity on the issue is due to his seeing the same trend of apathy on the issue of Immigration as I, and is attempting to motivate the people into action,... let him. Time and knowledge have a way of demonstrating what is the best course of action for a free society.
But Fear closes down the higher thinking we libertarians count on to attain a better future supportive of liberty. No Fear. Frosty is a good guy on a journey with a lot of other people and I have no problem helping them find their way to liberty. Not all of them will get to where we would like, but many will. And our willingness to listen encourages them to do the same. No Fear.
Frosty has his fans and he makes use of his editorial ability here,… a lot. But that is best countered by opposing views, not censorship. I have made my position very clear on the issue of Immigration but I don’t feel as though I am in competition with Frosty or have a need to point out where I think he is wrong on a daily basis. Time will take care of that for me. But he WILL get his say.
I have had Frosty on the air with me and have had several face to face conversations. He has debated Future of Freedom Foundation's Bumper Hornberger on the immigration issue at length in person at last year’s Freedom Summit. And I know he knows what my position is and that of many others that do not support the idea that we need a government permission slip to engage in any relationship with another human being.
So for those that really care about such things, here is a wealth of information on the subject and how a no-compromise hard core libertarian goes toe to toe with the leaders in the State of Arizona and around the country on the issue of Immigration.

But what I suspect is that there is something else bothering those that oppose editorials on FreedomsPhoenix that they do not support. The ability to comment immediately is there. The ability to write their own daily column on any subject that interest them is available. So what is the real goal of those that would limit speech. Frosty's columns are of little interest to me since I understand his position. I don't agree but I find no reason to ban his opinion from the site. None of us have to read his material, forward it or agree with it, but as long as he is willing to put forth the effort to share an opinion held by 10's of millions here in this country, I WILL allow him to do so on FreedomsPhoenix. If I didn't, then what credibility would we have?
Opponents of Frosty being published on FreedomsPhoenix (only 2 that I know of out of the many thousands of subscribers,.. but it is a good opportunity for me to vent :) likely have other motivations in their effort to oppose FreedomsPhoenix editorial policies. Maybe they'll share them with us on the pages. I'm certain that I will be at least as supportive of articles on FreedomsPhoenix in support of my own philosophy as I am of those in opposition.



Frosty Wooldridge and Ernest Hancock discuss the issue of Immigration
Friday, May 14, 2004

Frosty Wooldridge
Author of a book on the evils of Immigration, Frosty shares with us his thoughts on how more people in America (certainly of another foreign cuilture) will negatively effect our way of life on many levels.
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Comment by hatchcar
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 If the US was a true free nation, this wouldn't even be an issue.  In fact, with all the wealth creation that would take place in a society that isn't taxed and regulated like the US is, we would be inviting immigrants here to work, and to assilimlate in this society. 

As far as "overpopulation", sorry, but this is a joke.  If you look at how many people per square mile as a indication of the "overpopulation", you will see that Hong Kong is probably the most densley populated region in the world.  Last time I check, even though the Chinese are running the show, they haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

To those doomsayers, and other Maulthusians are preach this stuff, I would refer you to the great book, "The Ultimate Resource", by the late Julian Simon.  It's a real eye opener. 

Comment by jpa
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There is one major flaw in your argument: the slogan of

You cannot at the same time say that your site is about providing a free speech haven while saying "Uncovering the secrets & exposing the lies".  It can be one or the other but not both.

 I suggest you choose what you want this to be, and then pursue that (whichever it is).  Both are worthy goals, but together create a philosophical hypocrisy that will cause problems.

(And for the record one cannot be sane and claim to be pro freedom and for closed or controlled borders.)

Comment by Frosty Wooldridge
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My highest affection, respect and honor go to Ernie Hancock at FreedomsPhoenix.  While Thomas Paine changed the course of American history with his sharp and pointed writing, I too, attempt to educate and inspire to action--all Americans and all citizens from Arizona.  At this juncture in our history, massive and unending immigration whether legal or illegal cannot continue if we hope to have this civilization to survive in the 21st century.  As pointed out by other comments, yes, we don't have a lack of water and other resources--we suffer too many people. And, as you read my 40 part series on overpopulation, you cannot help but understand that immigration is the driving force that will push this civilization into chaos and unsustainability.  I thank Ernie for his forthright integrity and, really, all writers at FreedomsPhoenix. It's vital that we all enjoy our 1st Amendment rights.  Thank you Ernie.  Frosty

Comment by G Cone
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I haven't read Frosty's stuff in depth but he has a point that the population cannot just continue to grow indefinitely without reaching a point of unstustainability. There are no shortages of natural resources such as water, oil, etc., just a overabundance of people. I don't know what the answer is though. The thought has occurred to me that a start would be to stop socializing child care. I don't have kids, why should I subsidize health care, education, daycare, etc. for those who do? If you want to have a kid, ask yourself if you can afford to raise it. However, people starving in Africa can't even feed themselves yet they just can't seem to stop farting out bunches of ankle-biters. I agree that unchecked population growth is a problem but I don't claim to know what the answer is.