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IPFS displays "SPAMMER" over Ron Paul when you vote for him

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(I got the following email just now from a Reader of FreedomsPhoenix. I went to the online poll and voted for Ron Paul. The text over Ron Paul's picture said "SPAMMER" after I submitted my vote and I don't remember ever hearing about this poll before and I sure as heck never participated in their poll before. Sooo, another poll with no credibility.)
When you point on the picture with Ron Paul on it, the word "Spammer" appears. Someone should get the email of this polling company so we can complain. I'd do it myself if I didn't have to work right this second. I also think the poll might be fixed, last night I saw 362 votes for Ron Paul, now it is down to 161.


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Comment by Wildboar
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Don't give them any clicks. Dr. Paul is not on their ballot now.

Comment by Dan Sanders
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Yeah, further down the page they say that in response to "ongoing spam attacks", all votes for Paul have been declared invalid. Be a shame if their page was hacked, though, wouldn't it?

Comment by Morpheus
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I agree with dave they get no traffic. Checked what is interesting to me is how all these sites are doing whatever they can to margialize Ron Paul. I am sure they are not makeing these decisions and are being told to organise and round up the wagons by directorate from above. However, Ron Pauls web traffic is advancing ahead of the other contenders so the message is getting out. time to spread more of the revolution around.

Comment by Philly Dave
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Don't bother.

Online activists have been through this already. The site has an agenda.