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Mom, is George Bush a terrorist?

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“Mom, is George Bush a terrorist?”


Sometimes an unexpected question really clarifies one's thinking. This afternoon I experienced one of those moments. My son, Arthur, asked me the question while I was busy tapping away on the computer. I paused; this also happens occasionally.


Arthur, continuing in the absence of my tapping clarified that he was not saying that George Bush lurked in airports with bombs strapped to his torso or any other part of himself. He meant that George Bush, by enabling the rape of America by corporations, terrorized him and everyone else. Arthur listens. In 1997 Arthur had a motorcycle accident that changed a lot of things for him. Along with discovering his relationship with Jesus he pays attention to politics. Life is what happens when you were making other plans, we all know that.


I had been looking up the wording for the Executive Order recently signed into operation (I can't say law because it clearly conflicts with that.) I found it smack dab on the White House page, in front of God and everyone.




Reading the longish text made it clear that the author was doing all possible to obfuscate the Order's real intentions. I found these to be especially interesting.

(a) Ensuring the continued functioning of our form of government under the Constitution, including the functioning of the three separate branches of government;”

Three Branches? Since Congress is not prepared to oppose Bush, something made clear after the vote this last week on funding the operation in Iraq we now know for sure that Congress is firmly in the pocket of the CorporaState. The Supreme Court has been frozen solid for a while now. The 'unitary executive theory' (read this monarchy) has been effectively established. Bush and his NeoCon cohort are very practiced at pretending all is normal, so they cite the comfortable, familiar terms; Three branches, two clipped off at the roots.

(b) Providing leadership visible to the Nation and the world and maintaining the trust and confidence of the American people;”

Trust and confidence? Do they ever let George Bush look at his popularity ratings? I wouldn't trust him to take care of my dead cat's ashes.

(c) Defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and preventing or interdicting attacks against the United States or its people, property, or interests;”

The Constitution clearly needs protection FROM Bush and his friends, which includes the corporations who employ him. I say that and I am a member of the National Federation of Republican Women, for gosh sakes. Imagine what a liberal would say.

(d) Maintaining and fostering effective relationships with foreign nations;”

Like our relationship with Iraq and Iran perhaps?

(e) Protecting against threats to the homeland and bringing to justice perpetrators of crimes or attacks against the United States or its people, property, or interests;”

Great! When do the impeachment hearings begin?

We only wish.

But people do tell you the truth – if you ignore what they say and watch what they do. Turn down the volume, I told my kids, and the truth becomes blatantly obvious. Then you notice their eyes gleaming with avarice when they look at your purse or flicker over the silver. Congress told us about themselves, we were confused by their pretty rhetoric.

Along with the Executive Orders Bush has other things he likes to play with.

Item: Bush employs Blackwater USA. This private mercenary provider begins installing bases across the country. Lots in place right now. These are the people no one likes to mention in Iraq, the same people who turned a disaster in New Orleans into a combat zone. This is actually illegal. By Federal statute you cannot outsource military functions. Blackwater is a criminal enterprise therefore, not that this seems to bother Bush Co.

Their mission statement reads,

To support security, peace, freedom, and democracy everywhere.

To support national and international security policies that protect those who are defenseless and provide a free voice for all with a dedication to providing ethical, efficient, and effective turnkey solutions that positively impact the lives of those still caught in desperate times.

Blackwater is committed to the foot soldiers -- the men and women who stand on the frontlines of the global war on terror and who believe in a peaceful future for their communities and nations. Whether serving in or out of uniform, Blackwater is committed to providing these men and women with the very best in training and tactical support to ensure they are fully prepared to meet current and future global security challenges.”

They sound like Boy Scouts, don't they?  But their water boarding is rather different.
Remember what I said about rhetoric? Ask the people from New Orleans or Baghdad. Blackwater is building detention centers in the United States today. These are reported to be nearly ready for occupation. So who is going to occupy those cells? Like Arthur said, the terror is now entirely domestic, meaning Americans are scared of George Bush; he is a lot closer and has far more power than Osama bin Ladin. The talk about terrorism from abroad grows thin as we consider what is happening here in America.

Programs such as the TV series 24 and other screaming media events suddenly give us pause. Those who sell hate have an agenda; that agenda is to distract us from the pea and the shell. It is a conjuring act.

Ron Paul, Republican candidate for president said blow back is the real reason America is hated. You could feel the shock waves when those fatal words were uttered. Some truths are too potent to be named in public. Rudy Guiliani evidently had never heard of such a thing though reprisal is far older than the feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys, who only recently buried the hatchet after a century of death.

Blow back makes a lot of sense even if you haven't read the Congressional reports from the CIA. As one of Ron Paul's supporters said, “...maybe its not as simple as they kill us because they are evil and we kill them because we are good. You know, maybe a lot of people just aren't buying that any more.”

People do seem to be looking for something different.

Ron Paul is an unusual candidate because of what he does not want to do. That includes, “I don't want to run peoples' lives. I don't want to run the economy. I don't want to police the world. I just want to uphold the Constitution and protect your liberties."

Those words and Paul's votes against the war in Iraq speak a truth that resonates with many. Bush's present actions are alarming. This Executive Order clearly anticipates an event that would give Bush even more power and Bush has demonstrated an avid appetite for ever more power that he does not hesitate to use. If there is an 'incident' most of us are going to assume that the planning took place in Karl Rove's office.

Item: Bush and his administration are rather noticeably unpopular with everyone except, perhaps, Karl Rove, John Fund, Rudy Guiliani, and Barbara Bush's dog Millie.

If you are a REALLY unpopular president and you think it likely no one is going to be willing to pardon you for clearly treasonous actions you might decide not to leave office. You just put off the Presidential Library and keep the coloring book to finish later. In that case the talk about canceling the election or the 22nd Amendment makes a chilling kind of sense.

Blackwater. Torture. Cells conveniently located. Executive Orders. Incident. “Thanks Karl, I really needed that. Now we don't have to worry about moving, either.”

“Mom, there are guys in black breaking down the door.”

Perhaps it is time to consider reregistering Republican and electing Ron Paul president. When the unthinkable is happening what you thought was impossible becomes the only option.

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