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The Ron Paul Revolution could use your help now. I could use your help.

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The Ron Paul Revolution could use your help now.  I could use your help.  I know this will not appeal to all, so don't feel guilty or obligated if this doesn't sound like something you want to do.  But for those who can and will here is what I need within the next day or two:

We are compiling a convention/caucus database of every Republican State Party in the USA that will be available to everyone.  I need someone from every state in the union who will look up some info from the Republican Party in your state, call them if you have to and send me answers to some questions regarding well you'll see.  It would help if you are a registered Republican if you need to call them to get the info.  But I am not a Republican, and I am doing it so how hard can it be?

I need to find out the information on the 2007 organizing conventions/caucuses in you state.  Information on the 2008 is also needed, but the real action is going on NOW! 

1.  Need to know when the 2007 convention/caucus is going to be?  (It may already have occurred, if so are there minutes available, what was passed, decided?) 


Contact name, e-mail, phone numbers? 

Web site info links? 

Agenda and rules posted? 

Is it delegates only?  A subgroup of delegates? 

List of delegates? 

How do you qualify to be a delegate? 

Is absentee or proxy voting permitted?

Pertinent deadlines? 

Are any straw polls planned?  If so, who can vote in them? 

What rules govern the convention? [i.e., Robert's] 

What are the convention rules?  [usually bylaws and the prior convention passing guidance in some form]

Are declared Republican Presidential Candidates allotted any convention time to address the convention?  Is an official surrogate designated by the candidate in writing allowed convention time to speak?  How much time each?

Are sponsor tables/booths available for rent? 

How is space and location determined? 

Are deposits required?  Refundable? 

Tables and chairs supplied? 

Electrical outlet present?

Who are approved sponsors? 

Can sponsors address the convention?  How much time?  Restrictions?

Are signs allowed to be posted, if so, how?, displayed, restrictions, balloons, handout restrictions & requirements?

Hosting facility's policies? 

can make alterations or amendments to these rules?

2.  The same questions need to be asked about the forthcoming 2008 convention/caucus in your state.
I will be entering the information in a database set up on Google documents. 

Contact me with questions, or send your information to me at and thank you for your work.


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