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Gambling on POTUS Race Gets Lots of Attention

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A-Rod, She-Males and Ron Paul..Oh My
Sounds like a really bad porn flick....or a really good one depending on how you look at things.  But A-Rod, tales of A-Rod's fondness of she-males, and 2008 US Presidential candidate Ron Paul were the most popular reads Thursday at 
While everyone and their mother (and apparently their grandmother) have been talking about Yankees player A-Rod's sighting with a mysterious blonde while in Toronto this past weekend, amazingly it was Ron Paul who enjoyed the most reads Thursday
This fact is all the more telling when considering that Gambling911 has enjoyed the most traffic ever this week in its near seven years on the Web. 
"His (Ron Paul's) popularity has everyone here at completely stumped," explains Senior Editor Payton O'Brien.  "I think his supporters will be happy to know that gambling sites have proven strong indicators of political candidates performances in the past."
Ron Paul's betting odds remained steady at 15 to 1 heading into Friday at
"We are getting indications that will slash odds on Ron Paul further in the coming days," disclosed Carrie Stroup, Political Analyst for the website, who has been working closely with the folks from to gather the most updated political betting odds available. 
Recent Carrie Stroup Political Betting Articles:
It is A-Rod that has everyone else talking.  This morning, you would be hard pressed to find anyone on a New York City subway car not reading either the New York Post or Daily News to learn all the latest salacious details of A-Rod's romping around town with blonde strippers
Being that the Post broke the story and became a headline in and of itself on Wednesday, don't think for a moment that the New York Daily News is going to be outdone. 
The Daily News came back with a report about Alex Rodriguez's  Dirty Text Messages and implications that he has a fondness for she-males strippers in particular.  Our own Cuban multi-sexed reporter, Sparky Collins, was quick to chime in.
Is A-Rod drowning or soaking in all this - some might say - great press?  Our own

Sparky Collins says nothing wrong with being attracted to she-males.
"It's certainly a refreshing revelation," he/she said.  "We can only guess that one or more of these she-males will come forward to discuss all the steamy details of A-Rod and maybe even other players on my favorite team, The Jankees."
A-Rod - fortunately for us - also has one hot wife.  It appears by the Daily News account that she may be leaving him.  She was at least spotted leaving their apartment with suitcases in hand.  Cynthia Rodriguez a Free Agent?  The piece we ran about her on Wednesday garnered the second largest number of reads on Thursday. 
Not surprisingly, a number of classics related to athletes wives - many of which were authored by our own Jenny Woo - have made a sudden resurgence in the past two days. 
"Hottest Athletes Wives was one of my favorites and I am so thrilled to see it was the third biggest read here at," a thrilled Woo reports from her Miami Beach home. 
Woo has amassed a huge readership base of her own.  She is known for her writing prowess and will be reporting from CAP Spring Break Bahamas the end of next week.

Jenny Woo fields calls from her desk
Other hot revivals included Mike Piaza's Wife and Tiger Woods Wife
With Sparky's strong following in the gay community, there has also been some heavy interest in a recently penned piece by both Sparky and Jenny Woo entitled Gay Celebrities Coming Out of the Closet, which in turn has drawn attention to a previous hit by Ms. Woo entitled Vin Diesel Jake Gyllenhaal Oprah Winfrey All Favorites to Come Out of the Closet (see website here) continues to offer the exotic betting odds on gay celebrities and our readers have been eating these up.
Speaking of, the online gambling firm really had a banner betting weekend with UFC 71 betting, The Indy 500, but even more so - The Miss Universe Pageant 2007.  They were one of the few online gambling companies to offer betting on the pageant. experienced massive traffic for Miss Universe throughout the weekend and well into mid-week.  Though dwindling, The Miss Universe controversy continued to enjoy exceptional readership throughout Thursday.
Last but certainly not least was the 2007 National Spelling Bee traffic received throughout the day on Thursday.  Betting on the Bee was a bonafied hit - yeah, we know, bona fide is B-O-N-A-F-I-D-E with a space.  A special thanks goes out to C.W. Nevius who mentions in his San Francisco Chronicle piece.
Be sure to bookmark and watch regularly for all our original pieces on everything from sports betting to political betting to entertainment betting news pieces.  And check out this newly offered column that will follow the most popular stories that get published here.
Christopher Costigan,
Originally published June 1, 2007 1:34 am ET

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Comment by Jefferson Paine
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What we are seeing here is compelling evidence that the libertarian-leaning Internet (the people who use it) are completely divorced from the traditional polling mechanisms used by the press.

These techno-savvy individuals use cell phones for almost all their voice communication ... plus IMing and emailing. When Gallup or Zogby call their land lines, they don**Q**t even answer -- because that line is either tied up by their computer, or they figure calls to it are spam (after all, everybody they know uses their CELL phone).

Now ... how do we get this meme spread into the mainstream media?


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