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The Democratization of Information scares Governments

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Hey Ernie -
Several days ago, there was a news story linked from Freedom's Phoenix (I think it was on CNET?) talking about Google Earth, especially the 3-D stuff, and how the gu'mint couldn't really control it "legally", but various experts were saying that they really need to be able to.  All the time I was reading it I was thinking "well, what the bad guys need to wait for (or initiate) is some sort of "terror plot" that involves Google Earth, and then turn around and say "See? That's what happens when the internet is free, so we need to control this stuff to make things safe for everyone".
Then this JFK (Fort Dix Part II) fairy tale happens over the weekend, and this morning, I see the following on Drudge...
Wonder how long it will take for somebody to call for control?

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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FBI had these guys bugged for two years. Wonder if they had an informant infiltrated, making suggestions and offering help as well?

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