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Phoenix, AZ, June 5, 2007 -- A never-before seen photograph of what is claimed to be a top-secret Columbia Propane powered tank in a residential area of Bagdad was released today by Phoenix photographer, T. R. Gilbert.
"Shortly after the war began, in April of 2003, I went to Bagdad to take some photos of the town for our online web directory,  As I was driving around the streets of Bagdad, there it was!  Parked right next to a house was this big white tank," Gilbert was quoted as saying.  "There were U.S. flags flying all over, so I knew the place was American occupied by then, and I was pretty sure the natives supported our troops at that time."
Columbia Propane Tank in BagdadWhen asked why he assumed it was some sort of secret, he replied, "When I saw it was full of 'Columbia Propane,' I was suspicious.  I wondered, 'Why would we have to buy fuel from Columbia when we probably would have all the oil we need directly from Iraq by now?'  And besides, you never hear anything about these kinds of tanks in the news media.  It must be secret."
Gilbert went on to explain that he believed no one had seen him take the photograph, so he decided to keep its existence confidential to avoid getting unwanted attention from the government because he may have inadvertently exposed a secret weapon of theirs and endangered the troops in Iraq.
After the latest elections, he concluded the current political climate would let him safely expose what he had seen without any repercussions.  "Obviously, the Bush administration has its hands full with other important issues, so they won't have time to consider this a threat under the Patriot Act now," he said.
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