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Let Freedom Roll - Ron Paul on the ballot and in the White House

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Let Freedom Roll - North Carolina to Manchester New Hampshire
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Ron Paul asks the question all Americans want answered -

Why don't we try following the Constitution?

Evidently, this administration is afraid they might wear it out if they use it at all.

This American would love to hear the answer to the question above that Ron Paul posed on the Jon Stewart Show yesterday evening. Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate to be invited on to the Jon Stewart Show; he is the only presidential candidate who is real, the only one with substance. The Corporate Candidates are all hype and piles of money. Which is something that Americans need to consider very closely now, when it is still possible to do something about the outcome of the primaries and caucuses that will be played out beginning next December or January.

Notice how some states are considering moving those pesky events up even now because of the horrifying possibility that Americans might actually be able to take action to change the outcome; imagine, the nerve of US People!

The Presidential season will therefore end around mid-February. A short presidential season but all too long for the powers that be, evidently.

Despite what those in the pay of the CorporaState think there is still a course of action that we can take that will put Americans back in control and Ron Paul in the White House. Think about how nice that would be. Close your eyes and imagine this:


President Ron Paul

Inauguration Day - January 19, 2009


Immediately following President Paul's taking of the Oath of Office and before the subsequent festivities started, the President, accompanied by the new First Lady, Carol Paul and his family adjourned to a table that the White House had set up in the Rose Garden. There, President Paul signed the Executive Order that brought about the cease fire in Iraq and began the orderly withdrawal from that war-torn country. The last flight of coffins took off from the Baghdad Airport ten minutes afterwards. “No more,” was the only comment Paul made.

The next order signed by the President at that time was the defunding of the Internal Revenue Service.

After signing the orders, which signals a radical new direction for America, our economy, and for Americans personally, the President called for a moment of prayer and asked Americans to forget about their partisan differences and begin what he called, 'the first century of real freedom,' for all.


Reclaiming Freedom for the Republican Party

Begin by registering Republican. In the last several days many people have told me that they could not believe they would even consider taking this step. But they did it, and by so doing they became Ron Paul Republicans. I remember a time when being a Republican meant that you understood about freedom and why it mattered. Justice, honor, living in community with others and in a world were everyone had clean water and air not owned by corporations.  Then, we could not have imagined what we now confront.

Ron Paul  and what he speaks and stands for is awakening hope. 

Those of us who felt completely cynical about politics see in Ron Paul an unrelenting courage; a willingness to speak truth to power and so give power back to us.  We listen to his words and feel that same surge of joy and hope we thought was lost forever. Grown men weep.  

One man I know framed his registration. He carries his Ron Paul Republican Card at all times, affirming his pledge to support Ron in the primary and in the general election.

I made a copy of my registration form, too. Now I can again hope for peace, for prosperity - and that there may be a world where my children and grandchildren will be safe, free, and happy.  

Many people have also pledged to become active Republicans, spreading the word about what Ron Paul means to them. Once, it was our party, the party of justice, honor, and rectitude.  We will make it so again. 

First things first.

Register Republican.

Ron Paul has not raised anywhere near the money raised by the Corporate Candidates. That does not matter.

What is money, anyway? It can buy lavish salaries and perks for pundits, political consultants, media time, full page ads and money to grease hands that are dirty. But all of these are only ways to put votes into ballot boxes. (Yes, we all know the NeoCons and others intend to cheat. We will stop them. On the day after the Shot Heard Round the World in 1775 10,000 men were marching towards Concord; we have the numbers. )

Every one of us who registers and becomes a Ron Paul Republican is giving something better than money to the campaign. A vote for Ron Paul is a signature on the new Declaration of Independence, the one that includes the new list of charges.

The Founders had less money, too.  But they won because they used their labor, their lives, and their wills. 

Dollars Spent = Votes

(for Corporate Candidates)

Registered Ron Paul Republicans = Votes
(for Ron Paul and America)

The Corporate Candidates pay a lot for each vote; they have to. Americans don't trust them; Americans are right.

What if, instead of thinking about the money we just register enough Republicans to get the nomination for Ron? Vote them out at the precinct, county and then the state levels? People who support Paul are already paying for their own bumper stickers, buttons, literature; talking to everyone they know and working like crazy.

We can do it. We can have the real thing, a President we can trust, who will end the War in Iraq, defund the IRS and restore the vision that is still America. 

Register Here. Visit Ron Paul Republicans for some quick advice on how to begin the immediate rescue of the Republican Party.  And let the Ron Paul Revolution begin.  All we have to lose is what is left of our freedom and all hope.  What we have to gain is glorious

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