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What do Osama, Bush, GE, and Tammy Faye Baker have in common?

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What do Osama Ben Laden, George Bush, the Board of Directors for GE, and Tammy Faye Baker have in common? The answer is not their choice of eye liner.

They all profited, or are still profiting, from genocide. Of the group the only one who objected to what was going on, and not for the reasons that would strike Americans as appropriate, was Osama Ben Laden.

The conflict in the Middle East is escalating as the tides of death rise throughout the region. This is the ugly reality that America has tolerated. It is an ongoing genocide that began in Palestine in 1948 and which has continued, an open secret to which Americans remain largely oblivious, as children are used for target practice by Israeli soldiers and peace workers are mangled.

There are more questions than anyone can answer in one interview, more questions than can be answered in a life time, most likely. But the broad strokes are here and those provide the mapping for the territory we will be exploring.

It has been claimed by many that Palestinians celebrated when they heard about the attacks on the Twin Towers. Not only was this untrue, it was an intentionally fabricated lie rolled out using film from an event years before almost immediately. Our anger stilled potential protests and the questions we should have then asked.

For the last more than 50 years America has poured money into Israel, more money than is received in foreign aid by all other countries combined. America pays for Israeli weapons that Israel then uses to kill Palestinians, using those Palestinian children for target practice.

Israeli's today live a prosperous life style; Their economy continues to prosper. Americans who subsidize them through taxes experience economic downturns from every direction.

Nothing about American foreign policy and Israel makes sense, least of all the eradication of a country to make way for the condos and clubs that are displacing the rightful owners of the land that in 1948 was Palestine.

But if you take into account the flow of funds through the fingers of the avaricious it all makes perfect sense. When you understand the who, what, why, and how they all profit the pieces come together like a jig saw puzzle. You need to know because every day your life is impacted by those lines of greed and their greed increases faster than we can produce money for them to steal.

You thought these issues were unrelated. You were mistaken. The world is fraught with congruence, most of it leading today to the pockets of around 28,000 individuals.

Evangelical Christians have cooperated in this annihilation of human life and with the stripping of property from families that lived and worked on the land for hundreds of years in many cases. They do so because their eyes are firmly fixed on Heaven, where some portion of them believe that they will see Jesus Christ descending at any moment. Most of the faithful really believe that. Those who collect their offerings every Sunday mostly do not.

Where did these people come from? Who is responsible for their odd set of beliefs? The answers are horrifying, but interesting.

The several factions of theologically based post and pre millennialists have managed to make their followers believe in a revisionist Bible; they claim to have discovered their solemn absurdities at a time when the world is headed in the direction of piercing the veil of ignorance that has both frightened and intrigued humanity for uncounted generations. It is as if a subset of the most intellectually challenged of the American culture decided that if the unvarnished truth meant they would lose their power then they would simply cancel science and all other provable truth.

At the same time Americans and the rest of the world was moving towards an enlightened sense of spiritual connection these folks were looking for the reverse gear.

Ideas most Americans had rejected, for instance the idea the world was flat, that we did not actually land on the Moon, among others, didn't even make them blink. Given how their minds work tossing ideas like the separation of church and state in the dust bin was easy.

Economically and socially their beliefs were marginalizing them, making them unable to compete in the larger world. There is a logic to ideas when they are allowed to make their outcomes seen in life. Most of them were and are white men who regretted the final installation of civil rights for Blacks in the South; they are determined not to let women escape their grasp. They harken wistfully to a time when sitting around theorizing did not bring them face to face with the need for objective proof. They were looking for a way out. Their exit came with dollar signs from Big Oil using the only medium available to them, theology.

This low end trailer park trash, who spent their time scrunching up their faces to redefine words translated any number of times from languages having a culture of which they were entirely ignorant, were capable of any self-serving delusion. Those who funded them from those corporations simply nodded and wrote the checks. They understood what they were buying, having also purchased Palestine for hysterical Zionists as the perfect medium for injecting themselves into the Middle East, in close proximity to all that lovely oil.

They needed desperately to control the political direction of America.

Politics entered the equation with Karl Rove, Ralph Reed, Pat Robertson, Jack Abramoff, and the cadre of other Young Republicans who decided in the 70s that the way to hold on to control of a GOP, that was then moving towards responsible social and environmental policy, was to change the party's demographics.

They looked around and found some likely candidates in the marginalized Yellow Dog Democrats who inhabited low end Southern Churches, the same people who seriously listened to the theologizers who sat around redesigning reality to suit their fantasies.

Money can accomplish a lot when you are inherently deceitful and have no discernible ethical or moral qualms.

Suddenly big infusions of cash and an abrupt shift in party allegiance had accomplished what most people thought impossible. The source of the money was major corporations who were getting what they paid for. The intermediaries were their new NeoCon employees. We can be sure they were well compensated.

And so time and social progress reversed itself through the lead provided by Rovian, Reedian, and Robertsonian acolytes of fantasy land and the retreat to a bizarre Antebellum South began.

Now you see it.

These same people today own their own jets, multiple residences, and hob nob with Presidents – who they put into office. They indulge their own fantasies as we watch a genocide play out in Palestine and the price of war in the Middle East rises in a wave of Corporate orgasmic excess that the world will never forget.

At home the pumping sound of American blood provides a counter point that marks the flow of funds.

The bottom line of human action is always either sex, power, or money. The three are really interchangeable for most of those involved.

The TheoCons provide the political matrix through which that 180 degree turn away reality took place. They did it with a mythology that worked on the uneducated and credulous, which too polite liberals treated kindly because they pitied those who were so obviously, they thought, retarded.

We will begin unwinding the story and naming the players Friday, at 4pm Pacific Time on the Spiritual Politician on with Col. David Antoon and Tammy Watts, who between them have spent decades studying the issues.


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