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The Ron Paul Revolution and Today's Utah GOP Convention

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The Ron Paul Revolution and Today's Utah GOP Convention
For months the Phoenix, AZ RonPaulRevolution has been assembling an assortment of material to be used by supporters across the country. Before the end of the weekend it will be common knowledge that activists used this material to help Ron Paul Revolution supporters in the Utah GOP flood the Utah GOP State Convention with information on Ron Paul.
So you have an idea of what they will be referring to, I am providing you a look at the material 3000 Utah GOP Convention attendees were provided (at least 1700+ delegates were registered I was told). Later when we get the video loaded and the pictures up you will see how they were used and what the other candidates were offering.

The RonPaulRevolution has many items available at This service is not the most economical but they are very fast and have a very large assortment to choose from that get to you very quickly with great service. The RonPaulRevolution has opened their own RonPaulRevolution Online Store to provide the activists with the material that they need to help spread the word. T-Shirts, Mugs, Buttons, Bumper Stickers, Small Stickers, Fliers and Brochures are all being added to make certain your local events are well stocked with great information and an attractive presentation. We have done a great deal of work so you don't have to.
This page provides links to PDFs of material so that you can create your own original material. If you have a specific need please check with the RPR and they'll put you in touch will economical printers that have the original artwork to make alterations with to customize your material for your use.
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