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Arizona GOP Activist details Immigration Issue's effect inside Republican Party

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Arizona Senator Johnson's Article - by Charlie Powell
The Tribune today (June 10) published an article from Senator Johnson (Opinion 2) that was similar to what I have been saying: Quote: "The June 4 letter or a former executive director of the Arizona Republican Party, Kurt Davis, illustrates why the party is in trouble. Davis seems to think that (1) loyalty to elected officials supersedes everything else and (2) supporting a U.S. senator is more important than supporting other elected officials, including precinct committeemen and the party platform. Most people would respectfully disagree.
In the first instance, our loyalty belongs foremost to the U.S. Constitution, which is the safeguard of our freedom, then to the party, and last to elected officials. It is a happy thing when all three are in harmony and we can support pubic officials because they support the Constitution. Beware of the officeholder who violates the Constitution."
On the same page there is a letter to the Editor (Don't tear party down) from a life long Republican saying supporting the party comes first. I strongly disagree with both Mr. Davis and the letter writer and agree with Senator Johnson 100%. As I have said before, the Constitution is the reason we, the citizens of these United States, have the greatest nation in the world and the best economy in history. 
The problem with the Republican Party is that too many liberals have been able to slip (across the border) into the party and gain control. In 1994 conservative Republican were supposed to have gained control of Congress but really what happened was the control of Congress has been in the hands of the big spend and more government politicians in both parties. To prove the point, the American people were upset with Congress's spending habits when President Clinton was in office. Have you seen any change since 1994? Congress's spending has not only been reduced but has steadily increased until we, the U.S, is at the point of bankruptcy and the dollar is becoming worthless on the world market. 
As I have said before, I don't care if your are a Democrat or Republican we need to get off this kick of supporting a Republican politician because you are a registered Republican or supporting a Democrat politician just because you are a registered Democrat. Let's support the politicians who have our best interest in mind.
For the past few weeks we have seen an immigration bill introduced in the U.S. Senate which will allow illegals to flood into our country and completely destroy our way of life. Illegals are supposed to be taking the jobs that Americans will not do and they are. But they are also taking jobs that many Americans will do and many are well paying jobs like the Engineers who came from India and work for Texas Instruments. This bill has the support of almost all of the Democrat ic congressmen, President Bush, and some Republican congressmen.
NAFTA which has been a complete disaster for us and the workers in Mexico was passed by a Democratic congress with the support of some Republicans. That is why the Mexican people have been forced to come into our country to find work and why we are paying for their health,   education, housing, food stamps. etc at a cost to us citizens of Arizona of about $1 billion a year. 
So what do we? Do we follow Davis and support a candidate because he/she is a member of the same party we are or do we follow Senator Johnson's suggestion and support the candidate that works for the best interest of the citizens of this state/nation. My vote goes to Senator Johnson.
Charlie Powell

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